FOUND CAT: Black/white patch – REUNITED – September 12, 2018 10:26 pm

(see comments – reunited; info removed)

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  • Candi September 12, 2018 (11:20 pm)

    She’s such a sweet girl!  She was hanging around our house, and followed me, wailing, while I went door-to-door asking neighbors who she belonged to.  I had hoped she had made it home, as I had to leave briefly, and she was gone.  Please keep me posted!

  • Jeremy September 13, 2018 (2:07 pm)

    There she is!  That is Ronia (her chip says ‘Blondie’ haven’t figured out how to update it), she’s very affectionate but also a bit neurotic.  She’s an indoor/outdoor cat, but hasn’t been home in a while, was starting to get worried…  She normally lives ~45th and Dakota.  There is a collar waiting for her when she gets home, hopefully she will keep it on.If you see her again, please give me a call: 206-349-6349Thanks,Jeremy

  • jeffsleicher September 13, 2018 (5:54 pm)

    Thank you to  Jeremy for letting us know she is yours!Ronia is back at our house this evening and is safe and sound. We are glad that it worked out and we will see you later this evening.

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