West Seattle Halloween Guide 2021

(Updated 10/30/2021)

Here’s our list of West Seattle Halloween-season events and decorations! Got something to add? Let us know ASAP – westseattleblog@gmail.com – thank you?


Thanks for the tips! We asked readers to send word of sightings (and whether they’re best viewed daytime or nighttime), photos if possible – here’s what we have, south to north, so far. (Note, exact addresses are only included when it was clear the tip came directly from the resident – otherwise, we’ve given a general location.):


18th/Roxbury – From Lacey, “We have a ton of decorations up this year. They are fun to look at day or night, if you peek over the fence you can see the whole yard is decorated for my son‘s birthday. We are finalizing our trick-or-treat plans, but we should have the yard open to walk through and trick-or-treat at some point on Halloween. Most likely late afternoon to early evening.”


Seola Beach/SW 106th: “Zombie house”


9238 13th Ave SW – From Mary McCaman:


35th SW/SW 102nd: From Rachel – “More to come to on Halloween for a haunted alley.”

34th SW/ SW 100th: From Arlene – “Arbor Heights neighbors’ creative Halloween spirit on full display in front of their home… Beware! The display is lit up at night, but more clearly visible during the day.”

42nd SW & SW 102nd: “Ghost on an old bike and graveyard”

42nd SW & SW 106th: Inflatable dragon, across from a giant werewolf


30th SW between Barton and Cambridge – From Nicole: “We wanted to share, our typically spirited block during the Christmas holiday, is now festive for Halloween too. Attached is our house at the 9200 block of 30th SW. A few other neighbors have some lights too. We will potentially be closing the street for trick-or-treaters, so come look before Halloween evening.”


7700 block 46th SW: “Every Halloween my husband, Blair DeWeese, creates a kid-friendly scene.”


4500 block SW Director: Day or night viewing.


3714 SW Austin: “Halloween Show: Will occur every Friday+Saturday night if it’s not raining, 7 pm-9 pm.
Halloween Night: We hope for and welcome trick or treaters. But we will also be offering contactless candy bags for social distancing if parents prefer. We’re both vaccinated and will be masked for all trick or treaters.”

SW Portland east of California – From Yma: “These 2 scenes are mid-block. We love to chat with neighbors strolling by.”


7019 14th Ave SW – From Ashley: “I love pumpkins and like to do a display every year. Garth the spider is protecting them this year.”


17th SW & SW Holly – From the Dyers, “Here are some photos of our decorations and Rube Goldberg Candy Machine. Good to see in the daylight and lit up at night as well. We will be “OPEN” 30th & 31st @ 5 pm~10 pm.”



3117 SW Raymond – From Zach, Colleen, and Melina Peterson: “We are pretty proud of our decorations this year. They are best viewed at night, but can also be appreciated in the day. It is also best to walk up rather than drive by as the cheeky epitaphs are hard to read from the street. Our neighbor, also has some pretty good ones :) ”

5641 34th Ave SW – From Landon: “Viewable day and night. At night there are some creepy scenes being projected on the front window.”


42nd/Hudson – From Amanda: “NE corner house has an amazing display of spooky stuff. A photo can’t do it justice. A few houses south and on the west side of the street we have rock-climbing skeletons. Plenty of other good decorations heading south including witches and spiders with babydoll heads.”


5206 23rd Ave SW – From David: “We are all vaccinated and will have a no contact treat table set up at the bottom of our driveway. The yard is great to see in detail during the day and will have lights and music going at night starting Friday October 29th thru Halloween.”

2825 SW Adams – Ron sent this pic of his display near Dragonfly Park:

26th SW near Delridge Community Center – sent by Laurie.


37th between Stevens and Lander – Thanks to Sylvia for the photo:

38th & Lander – Thanks to Barbara for the photo:

48th Ave SW between SW Spokane and SW Hinds – From Sonia: “This house has a spectacular display every year. Best seen at night because of the lights, but also creepy during the day to see creative details.”

2700 block 38th SW: From Nichol – “Great display in Admiral area.”

3633 44th SW – From Rebecca – note this is mostly for Halloween night itself: “This is an older photo but it’s a rep of what we like to do. We have some things out for daytime viewing but save the animatronics and full size zombies for Halloween night (somewhat weather dependent).”


48th SW/SW Genesee: From Teresa – “We have our home all ready for Fall and Halloween with a lot of pumpkins and a few spooky decorations.”

3916 55th SW: From Brittany: “Our house is pretty decked out this Halloween.”


2010 California SW #A – From Jane: “We tried to go all out this year and become ‘the spider house.’ (On Halloween) we’ll have tons of candy!”


2130 Alki SW – “Nightfall Orphanage.” See our story for details.

61st SW south of Admiral – Thanks to Zach for sending the pic of the haunted garden box:

3047 64th SW – From Aaron, “The Pirates’ House … best viewed at night when they are illuminated.”

3244 64th Ave SW – From Kristin: “Viewable day or night. During the day, you get better visibility of all the rats scurrying about. At night (Oct 22-24 and 29-31), the gravestones, skeletons and jack-o-lanterns will be illuminated.”

We’ll keep adding to this through Halloween – westseattleblog@gmail.com for tips – thanks!


OCTOBER 29: Admiral District business trick-or-treating, 3-6 pm.

OCTOBER 30: Alki Beach business trick-or-treating, 10 am-noon. Updated map:

OCTOBER 30: Log House Museum trick-or-treating, plus spooky crafts and storytimes, noon-4 pm – details in our calendar listing.

OCTOBER 30: Spooky Town Grab ‘n’ Go, 2-5 pm at Steve Cox Memorial Park in White Center (1321 SW 102nd) – details in our calendar listing.

OCTOBER 30-31: Trick-or-treating at Youngstown Coffee in Morgan Junction – candy and stickers.

OCTOBER 31: West Seattle Junction Harvest Festival business trick-or-treating, 10 am-2 pm

OCTOBER 31: Paper Boat Booksellers (6040 California SW) will give out candy bags (open 11 am-5 pm).

OCTOBER 31: Tails to Astonish Halloween Spooktacular! 12-7 pm. “Join us for our 1st annual Halloween Spooktacular! Free candy & comics for anyone in a costume! Costume contest at 6 pm. Winner gets $20 in store credit! 10% off all Back Issues, Toys and Statues! Make sure we are part of your trick or treat plans!”

OCTOBER 31: Candy Crawl at Daystar (2615 SW Barton; WSB sponsor), 2-5 pm – details in our calendar listing.

OCTOBER 31: White Center business trick-or-treating, starting at 3 pm

OCTOBER 31: “Grace Church is excited to see you at our Trunk or Treat on October 31st from 4-6 pm! We are located at 10323 28th Ave SW, between White Center and West Seattle. It is an easy, fun, safe way to Trick or Treat without any scary tricks. Can’t wait to see you here! More information on our website.”

OCTOBER 31: Haunted Alley in Arbor Heights, 6-8 pm – details here.

TRICK-OR-STREET BLOCKS: Here’s a map – click on the West Seattle dots, some of which are Trick-or-Street events, dates vary.


THROUGH OCTOBER 31: West Seattle Junction Harvest Fest. Variety of activities, in-person and online, including a Scavenger Hunt that’s on all week.

OCTOBER 30-31: Nightfall Orphanage, spooky experience at 2130 Alki SW, 7-10 pm each night (extended hours Halloween) – here’s the trailer:

Details in our calendar listing.

OCTOBER 30: Spooky Interactive Art Gallery Night, 5:30-10 pm. RSVP to get the location (which is in West Seattle) – text 206-272-0721.

OCTOBER 30: Happy Howl-o-ween Pet Costume Party at Highland Park Corner Store (7789 Highland Park Way), 2-5 pm – details in our calendar listing.

OCTOBER 30: “Come as You Aren’t” annual Halloween concert at The Skylark (3803 Delridge Way SW), 7 pm.

OCTOBER 30: Halloween edition of West Seattle Drag Show with Dolly Madison, 9 pm at Admiral Pub (2306 California SW).

OCTOBER 31-NOVEMBER 1: Skeleton Theatre returns, in person and online! In-person 6-minute show “Get Silly” every 10 minutes or so 6-9 pm both nights, 36th/Hanford. Online version will be published here on Halloween.

OCTOBER 31: Halloween karaoke at Admiral Pub (2306 California SW), 9:30 pm.

NOVEMBER 2: “Tales from the Hearth” online meeting of Toastmasters 832, with spooky stories and more:
Everyone is invited to join “Tales from the Hearth” meeting hosted by West Seattle Toastmasters Club 832 on November 2nd at 6:30pm. An annual tradition inspired by Halloween, the meeting will feature Fab-BOO-lous stories, eerie Table Topics, spooky costumes and scary Zoom background contests. Everyone is welcome! RSVP: wstoastmasters832@gmail.com or check our website We hope to see you there!


THROUGH NOVEMBER 10: Seattle Public Library celebrates Día de los Muertos with a virtual, intergenerational art activity presented in English and Spanish by local artist Amaranta Sandys. Free take-and-make kits accompanying the activity are available at the South Park Branch through November 10 or while supplies last.

NOVEMBER 1: West Seattle Matador plans Dia de Muertos decorations along with food and drink specials.

If you have an event that’s not listed here, please email info ASAP to westseattleblog@gmail.com so we can add it – thank you!