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    Thought I’d give an update on this subject “for us”
    My Husband created an account with the Wa State Employment Security Department and requested to not participate in the Cares Fund and they granted it but also informed him he would never be able to participate or use these funds in his lifetime…but was he really ever going to be able to use the funds if he hadn’t opt’d out since he only plans on working another 5 years—NO. If he had not asked for non-participation the State would still gladly take his money thru payroll deductions for the 5 years and he still couldn’t use them because you must pay into this fund for a certain amount of time. He took the letter to work, now lets see if his HR/Payroll gets it…not a company with an on-site easy access dept.!
    Good luck to the rest of you short-timers at work.

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