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    Here’s another cache of found stolen stuff in west Seattle, posted on Reddit today-

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    I’ve seen a lot of discussion from restaurant workers since the $15 minimum wage was announced, many staffers blatantly said that if a customer couldn’t afford to pay a 20% tip, they shouldn’t eat out.

    So we don’t.

    So of the less than 20% we might have given them, they got nothing instead.

    Problem solved.

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    The first thing I thought of when I read it, was the case of that disabled vet in west Seattle who was forcibly evicted from his home by some shady mortgage company.

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    Everything is being hacked.

    We’ve had our credit cards hacked 3 times in the last 3 months and had to cancel the accounts and get new cards each time. One of the new replacement credit cards was hacked before we even received it! Somebody in the UK put a charge on a new credit card less than a week after the new account was generated and before the card ever got delivered to our mailbox.

    In recent news, 10 million healthcare records were hacked at Blue Cross Blue Shield –

    And then there is this good news too,

    More than 80% of healthcare IT leaders say their systems have been compromised –

    And then of course the US government’s Office of Personnel Management was hacked this year for the personal information of more than 25 million people –

    Ain’t technology wonderful? The hackers are winning by miles.


    Just bumped into an AMA on Reddit right now:

    “We are earthquake experts. Ask us anything about The Really Big One coming for the Pacific Northwest.”

    answering questions –

    John Vidale, director of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network

    Debbie Goetz of Seattle’s Emergency Management Office

    Sandi Doughton, science writer at The Seattle Times

    and also discussing the New Yorker article.

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    Got it. Will be in touch.

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    Mr. Transplantella may be able to help you out. 40 years experience in the commercial HVAC/R. It’s his living.

    First off he wishes to know the brand of your unit.

    After that, please post a phone number or some way to contact you.

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    I have also noticed that these abandoned furnishings form communities of unwanted stuff.

    From my window I can see the overgrown ravine at Murray St. Last year a couch appeared in the median by the sidewalk there. The sofa sat lonely for several weeks. Then a bookshelf came to be along side it. More furniture joined in until there was nearly and entire suite of living room furnishings gathered there together.

    We went and got the bookshelf, it was pretty nice. It’s right here full of stuff.

    The rest of the Murray St. objects left one by one until only the couch was left. Then one day it was gone too.

    It’s like a furniture migration. It comes, forms a group, and then wanders off again.

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    How old are you?

    (I couldn’t resist)


    So Smitty, you’re teaching them now how to undo bungee cords? Are you sure this is a good idea?

    All it needs is one raccoon to figure it out, pretty soon all the raccoons will know.

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    Thanks for the heads up! (if you will)

    Duly shared.

    Wish you’d have told us *yesterday* so we could have spread the word.

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    – “Is there any reason not to show up with a can of paint and turn annoying words into a large black splotch?” –

    ‘Volvo’ should be an easy alteration with a few quick sprays of paint.

    Or you could put an ‘Re’ on the front for revulva. Or how about revolve?

    Plenty of possibilities. Get a can of paint and use your imagination.

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    Can’t say for sure but you should try the Mexican restaurant in White Center at the 16th st bus stop, La Rostaria. (sp) Right across the street from Bartell’s.

    I say that because one evening a couple of years ago we went in there for a bite and the place was absolutely packed. We were too hungry to be discouraged and found a couple of chairs.

    Turned out there was a major boxing match on their PPV and the whole neighborhood had crowded in to watch it. More people outside watching through the window too.

    Their food is good, they have beer, and that was actually quite an unexpected treat to be a part of the action. Fun.

    The lady who owns the place is a real hoot. Esmerelda? She’s super.

    Go there.

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    Huge big thanks to –

    PangolinPie for the Jezebel review

    ellenp for the Dave Barry review

    As I am now sure both of those book reviews were far better reads than the actual book. Dave Barry has long been a masterful wordsmith.

    I knew there was a reason I never bothered to read Fifty Shades of Grey. It sounds even dumber that I had actually imagined. I love being right.

    Now I won’t see the movie either. Win!

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    seopgal has written a very good and useful post.

    I would add a few details about unemployment or as it is now known “Worksource”.

    You can easily open a claim over the phone, and I am sure according to your description you will be eligible for full benefits. You will have a ‘waiting week’ before you start to recieve any payment, so you want to file your claim right away.

    Of course they will quickly innundate your mailbox with brochures and forms and notices. You will be required to go to several meetings at the office on Rainier, including the initial orientation meeting. Anytime Worksource issues you a mandatory appointment, you had better be there, on time. Period.

    The people who work at the Rainier office are actually pretty good. (Avoid at all costs dealing with the Northgate branch. Just don’t.)

    The most important thing to continuing your unemployment benefits is to fill out the weekly work search log PERFECTLY- to the last comma, www. and spelling of all contact names with appropriate capital letters. They go over those work logs with a fine tooth comb. Any small oversight or mistake will trigger an audit going back for the entire claim.

    I’m writing this entire post just to tell you about Raymond. Raymond is a case worker at Rainier and is an absolutely stellar human being. I mean he is the most energetic, caring, helpful, knowledgeable government employee you will ever come across. Raymond will face burning tigers for his clients. He is a fabulous resource. The right person in the right place.

    After all the initial falala has been completed, and if you feel you could use a confederate in your corner ferreting out every possibly job opportunity, you need Raymond. He has rabbits under his hat. Worksource clients are free to arrange voluntary appointments with Worsoursce reps outside of the mandatory consultations. Raymond is your man.

    How’s that for a testimonial? And no, he’s not a relative of mine. Just a great guy who’s really good at what he does.

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    My son asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, as he has finally acquired a decent job and makes a bit of money.

    Our family pretty much abandoned Christmas presents years ago as everybody already has more stuff than they know what to do with.

    I told my son that I’d been saving nicks of my household budget and was going to send the money to my FIL as they are having a hard time and anything he gave me I would give to them.

    So our collected Christmas present money is going as a gift to the parents who are unable to make ends meet anymore.

    @tom kelley – I don’t call them because they don’t hear well enough, the phone is all but useless to them.

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    What about a sign that bans complaining while on park property?

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    We had a terrible case of fleas here two years ago.

    And we lived in Texas for 25 years with multiple pets, so believe me I know a flea infestation when I see one. And I have dealt with many.

    Here is what I’ve found that works:

    (Organic warriors turn your heads away now)

    – Sevin dust in conjunction with the Revolution/Frontline.-

    1. Wash the pet with flea shampoo to reduce the number of fleas. When dry, apply the Revolution.

    2. Dust carpets, upholstered furniture, all fabric surfaces with a good dose of the Sevin dust. Leave it there at least overnight, or better yet, longer. After a good percolating, vacuum up the Sevin dust.

    If the fleas persist in the house, Sevin dust again. The second application should get most of the hatchlings.

    From there on be sure to keep your pet on the Revolution year round. That should prevent another total infestation.

    Sevin dust is hard to find around here, but I did manage to get a couple of little bags of it at McClendons. They only carry the 5% but it worked.

    Fleas are not a joke. In Texas they will absolutely destroy your animals. I don’t mess around, I get rid of fleas.

    P.S. Forget the flea bombs. They don’t work, total waste of time and money. Neither does all that pennyroyal/natural BS. Fleas laugh in the face of that stuff, meanwhile you and your pet are being eaten alive.

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    I would be interested in the exchange, but not in Facebook – won’t touch it.

    Isn’t there some other medium of communication that could be used instead? Reddit maybe? A craigslist group?


    I just typed that and went back out onto the deck. Another coyote just came up the street. He had no cat.

    This is the second time in the last week I have seen coyotes. Bizarrely, they run right up the middle of the street on the yellow stripe.

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    Lowman Beach area. But summer nights here are always action packed.

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    I can never resist a worthless generalized personality test designed to entrap you – some how, some way.

    So I took it too even though I would never apply for a job with someone who employed this POS as an employee evaluation tool. (designed to extract extra fees for a more ‘in depth’ report) ;-/

    While I am berating this *test* I would like to quote a phrase from one of the very well structured questions, “When I am at an event with many people I have not yet met present”

    (say what??)

    Anyway, my illustrious result is:

    “S/DC. That’s fantastic!”

    (sigh of relief here that I am so fantastic)

    As an official S/DC I am –

    – You have a blend of Supportive, Cautious, and Dominant traits. Your Supportive traits are probably a little stronger than your Cautious or Dominant traits.

    Some words that describe you are:



    Results-oriented, and


    You have both people-oriented and task-oriented traits, although you may tend a little towards a task-oriented perspective. You can either be reserved or outgoing. You probably like to get things done in a way that protects other people’s feelings. It is likely that you are supportive and careful, but you can get moving and make things happen if necessary.

    Dammit, I rule!

    P.S. It’s 3:00 in the morning and SPD has rocketed by here at least 9 times in every direction, couple of times with their search lights on. Wonder what’s going on?

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    Wow. I bought my cart in Russia.

    Too bad you consider the entire country of Russia and any shopping cart photo or website linked to it, a scam.

    Paranoia well grilled, America.

    Sorry I attempted to participate in this conversation with a link to a photo of a shopping cart in a unapproved country.


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    Your neighbor needs one of these:

    Sorry the heading search is in Russian and the google link looks like gibberish, but believe me this is exactly what you/she needs. Weatherproof satchel on a rolling frame. I have one of these I bought overseas and haul my groceries home in it here in west Seattle every_week. The best kind has a flat top surface so you can attach/bungee another bag on the top.

    Patience, this link works, I promise –

    I have one of these, have been hauling groceries home in it for 10 years on two continents.

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    Plastic card fraud has gotten so bad, I’ve gone to paying cash for almost everything.

    Interesting take on the problem at ThinkProgress:

    “Cybercrime is costing businesses worldwide almost $500 billion a year, depleting jobs from the economy, a new report finds. These crippling losses could have been prevented if companies took cybersecurity threats more seriously.

    ….In the last year, as many as 800 million people had their personal data stolen by hackers, including at least 40 million in the United States, the report said. But businesses, particularly retailers, haven’t beefed up security efforts to keep pace with sales. American retailers only spend roughly 2 percent of their tech budgets on security, even though business is expected to rise 4 percent by 2017, Reuters reported.

    Retailers and other businesses aren’t required to invest in cybersecurity, even though the potential damage for consumers is vast.”

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