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    Alki Lumber goes down as the worst maintained business in the Triangle area. Really, if you’re in the construction business couldn’t you fence in the blight, paint your buildings and consistently remove the garbage and wood pallets so people can walk down the sidewalk past your business?

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    The Convention center actually needs the space now vacated by the Seattle Library and will purchase it. When 520 went in, it completely cut off the museum from the South, eliminating the walking Olmstead park plan connecting the museum grounds within walking distance of Volunteer Park. The current site of MOHAI is the only staging area for the construction of the new 520 bridge so they must relocate. Work on the Lake Union seawall will be finished soon and I would expect MOHAI to move the Lake Union site within 3 years. I think MOHAI is one of the best historical museums in the country, very inovative and constantly changing to attract repeat visitors.

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    Thanks for your reply. If you were satisfied with your service, I would like to know the name of the company. I too would really like to have a heat pump.

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