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    Thank you Mark. I do appreciate the education. Knowing that marine traffic trumps makes it easier to understand the scenario. I don’t take the lower bridge so have been experiencing the full impact of the bridge closure M-F. I am a small business owner so I can say that my manager (aka me) is very sympathetic to the situation. I’m sorry I come across having a sense of superiority. I am just one of thousands of commuters impacted and am trying to put a boots on the ground voice to the ADDITIONAL challenges of the situation. I now know marine traffic gets a pass, cheaters do not.

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    Reporting from the field again. This rant is for whoever schedules boats/barges down the Duwamish.

    Me: On my way to work this morning. Running late and wondering if I would have time to grab a cup of coffee before my first meeting.
    You: Lower bridge operator. You opened the bridge at 8:15 am. Not 5 am or 10 am, but 8:15 am! This caused a back up that affected the flow of non bridge traffic all the way back to the Admiral feeder lane. Please tell me that the bridge opened to provide passage for a barge of bridge repair products or Covid rapid tests or miracle vaccines. What commerce was so important or valuable that is weighed greater than the inconvenience of 100+ already inconvenienced drivers?
    The real kicker is making it through the mess and across the Michigan escape route to the I-5 on ramp that was then ALSO backed up by bumper to bumper semi trucks!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)