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    I must say from a vendor prospective the cost for a booth at the west Seattle fair was more then double the bigger fairs with guarnteed more people attending going on the same weekend. As a small growing company out of west Seattle we really wanted to attend but from a profit making stand point it was just to expensive. Maybe if the rates were lower there would be a more variety of booths.

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    Check out Three Queens Catering on Facebook right now we are promoting our summer fair booths but we also do wedding/birthday parties/business event catering. We can custom fit to your requests.

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    off subject but the most random return i ever saw at the admiral safeway was standing in line trying to purchase a movie rental…a woman in front of me was returning a cucumber..and the manager accepted the return and gave her a refund. i have been wondering since that day if they had placed it back in the produce section..its not like she had just bought it either it was from the day before. i remember the lady behind me freaking out about how strange that they would accept it back!

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    Have u guys noticed that as well! The lighter volume in the mornings! I keep thinking its a weekend or holiday on my drive into town! Maybe everyone went on vacation this week! I hope it stays this way all summer!!! :)))

    Yes. The municipal court has 2 alliance one windows at the court house, which makes it easy I guess to pay the ticket, you go to there window and pay the collection agency then bring the receipt to the court window next to it who document the receipt and give you the paid in full court paperwork…then u walk across the street and to the vehicle licenceing place and give them the paperwork and they give you the tabs. It was a two hour ordeal when I did it. To everyone else who doesn’t have tickets. Did u know the southwest community center

    now can issue tabs and pet licenses. I called them first after finding online. They can’t do anything if you are sent to collections but the lady on the phone was super sweet she was able to look up all my information and tell me exactly what to do. :)

    If u go down to the court house alliance 1 has 2 windows u can talk directly to someone or just call them. I just went through this procedure and it seems that the court wants nothing to do with you once alliance takes over.

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    Oh no! Post if u find out! we paid for a month not that long ago!

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    Although I am not the person above I’ve seen these signs and they say “Green Vehicles” in huge letters and I also drive a green Toyota, I was like yay look I get my own spot! But I didn’t park there due to my teenage daughter complaining how embarressing I am. Lol! The point is that it is a courtesy as there is no charging machines at this time. If someone was going to call the police due to this they should make there own wall of shame.

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    Hahaha your awesome DBP!!!

    Really? It’s been that long? Sorry! I just remember the old lady who used to sleep in her car on our street until the church took over and let her move into that house on the corner. If they don’t own it anymore I wonder where she went!

    I saw the police outside the Hope Lutheran church houses between oregon and Alaska around that time. I think those are the houses the church uses for homeless people..not exactly sure. But there were 2 cop cars and officers on the property.

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    How much where u thinking?

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    Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences!!! Non religouse, no dress code, and good scholarships! And demands individuality!

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    Thank you! We are very excited for this summer! We feel very privileged to be a part of the taste of west Seattle to benefit the seattle helpline and still waiting for approval from the west Seattle summer festival although we did get into the taste of Edmonds. We are hoping to make enough money this summer

    to get a truck and be a regular in the west Seattle food truck pods :)))

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    Check us out Three Queens Catering, at the moment our website is under construction, but we do have a Facebook. We also do pulled pork, pulled chicken,Slaw, and Mac and cheese. You might remember us from Seafair last year and we have already been included in the Taste of West Seattle and the Univeristy street fair next month to start out our summer season :))) we also have a new fancy fry menu this year that I’m sure will be a hit. For catering events we do an aray of what our customers are looking for outside of our regular fair menus and would be happy to go over options.

    Please contact us at

    We are based in West Seattle, three best friends from high school who are all moms with huge families. One day we came together and decided since we cook for large crowds everynight of everyday we might as well take our show on the road!! :))

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    Oops I ment sky venture..the sky diving high is the trampoline!

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    I’m having the same delimma for my daughter. She’s had a swimming party every year since 1st grade and invited her whole class but now that the girls are “developing” nobody wants to be scene in a bathing suit! Lol! I was checking out that sky high place in south center that looks fun! Or there is some trampoline place that is all the rage!

    Thank you for the responses. I have contacted everyone for a price quote :))))

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    Oh yes I forgot my email

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    That sounds awesome. We r on hiatus at the moment due to 2 of the 3 queens are about to give birth lol! Yeah talk about bad timing! You can reach us at

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    We will be donating tommorow. Does nicholsville give tax credit? Not sure if we should do west Seattle food bank or nicholsville?

    in reply to: Huge white poodle running down 40th/dakota #731282

    It had red tag on but by the time I stopped car and took off on foot after it. It was gone. I don’t blame it I look crazy today!

    in reply to: Anyone going to seafair this weekend? #731202

    Thanks everyone! Kootchman i will contact u soon! Try to search under pages Kevin. We were having issues setting it up. Wsb I will email u shortly. Thanks bluenote will keep u in mind if we need extra help!!!!

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    Ok last offer 400 for all 3!!

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    Lol! I’m the worst seller person it is 500 for all 3 if bought together the bowflex is worth more then that alone. We are just down on our luck right now :))

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