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    Per ‘Save Washington: ‘…the hearing was held on the spay/neuter bill, HB 1226. A total of 49 people signed in with many testifying. Of the 49, all but 7 supported the spay/neuter bill. After the hearing, the committee chair, Rep. Kagi, indicated that this house bill would not proceed further this session. ….disappointing news, although the bill remains alive through the 2012 session.

    Per Funkietoo: If you support this Bill, please consider writing a letter, emailing, calling, etc., the House Early Learning & Human Services Committee and your State House Rep(s). I’ll be posting the letter I sent in a few moments…please feel free to plagiarize the letter or email me with questions.

    For more info re: House Bill and ‘links, see: and/or!/SaveWashingtonPets?sk=wall

    OPPOSING the bill was: Greg Hanon, Washington State Vet. Medical Association; Tammie Hetrick, Washington Retail Association; “Babs” Roberts, DSHS (proposed lead agency for spay/neuter bill); David Ducharme, Pet Food Institute; Holly Chesa, NW Grocery Association; Tom Dooley, Central WA Grain Growers; Carolyn Logue, WA Food Industry Association.

    If you support HB 1226, please remember these names/companies when voting with your ballot and with your consumer dollars.

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