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    i second the recommendation for Marty McLaren.



    Is it just me, or is “grandfathered in” typically a positive thing, right? I mean, usually it’s done because you are being allowed to continue with something that is beneficial for you – meaning, choice. Meaning, you should be able to opt out!! So happy to hear your family can settle into the school year only dealing with the normal crazy, stressful, back to school issues :) and appreciate that you are still interested in helping those who are likely in a bad situation. You fought the fight and many others are not able. Best of luck and keep us posted if you need help!



    Mr. Sundquist just got back to me.

    I let him know things worked out for our family but there is still something very wronge with this system and that the community would like him to read this thread.

    Dburns- totally agree. I’m sure this grandfathering is great for families who are in their choice school that they are not being forced to move to thier neghborhood school but what about folks like us whos choice school was always our neighborhood school. Now they make room for new kids but not us??

    I’m going to cont. emailing people and pursing this policy I will update if anything sig. happens.



    I am pleased that mom2boys’ son has been enrolled at Alki Elementary School. He was #1 on the wait list at Alki and was recently contacted by Enrollment Services to inform her of the change. This particular challenge arose because we have transition rules that govern the district’s migration from the old Open Choice system to the new geographically-based assignment plan. Grandfathering is generally a good thing, because it allows students to stay in the school they enrolled in under Open Choice until they age out of the school. Unfortunately in this case it was keeping her son in a school he didn’t want to attend, and because enrollment is now rising and many schools are at or near capacity, transferring back has proven difficult for some.

    Thanks to all who posted comments in this discussion. I may be reached at steve.sundquist@seattleschools.org if you have an issue you would like assistance with. –Steve Sundquist



    Inferring legal action against the Seattle School District… ? Probably posted as joke of the day, like they haven’t heard that tune before . School choice… insist on it. We need vouchers and charter schools. The consequences of having a captive middle to low income monopoly.. why reform or perform better?



    I third Marty McLaren.



    King 5 news just did an interview with me and they plan to air it at 6:30 tonight ( tuesday) about this issue




    good for you

    the squeaky wheel gets news coverage..

    which can lead to changes in policy for everyone..




    The same thing happened to us, we were grandfathered into the “old” system where only kids starting K, 6 or 9th grade were guaranteed space in the neighborhood school.


    I Wonder

    Mr. Sundquist:

    I find your repsonse the classic “everyone loves to see the baby, but no one wants to talk about the labor pains”. What about the endless calls and followups it took to get a response from the district, did you see that part of the equation?

    “This particular challenge arose because we have transition rules that govern the district’s migration from the old Open Choice system to the new geographically-based assignment plan.” This particular challenge grew because no one was willing to answer the phone, find the answer, or return a phone call! Isn’t this the primitive duty of the SSD employees? Doesn’t that aspect bother you also?

    This compliments the ST article and Peter Maier comments about schools reopening again. “oops, we goofed and the estimates were wrong. But all is ok now!”


    There are plenty of issues to be resolved, sir. I doubt you will have the time to be there for them.



    Hey look, Sundquist responded, there must be an election around the corner! Notice that he didn’t suggest that he helped, he just explained the situation and results, which we already understood. The REAL reason you got attention was because the media got involved, and that’s because it’s an easy human-interest story that doesn’t take a lot of deep thinking.

    mom2boys, glad you got your situation resolved, but it’s insane that you had to go to this much trouble to make it happen. When you say I sent an email to my sons school counselor at West Seattle Elem, the school board member suggested here and kiro, king, and komo news. do you mean *Sundquist* suggested contacting the media?! That would be shocking. Or do you mean someone else?

    I 4th the suggestion to support Marty McClaren for School Board. Spread the word.

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