Will new construction displace Community Acupuncture Clinic in the Junction?

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    I am the owner and one of the acupuncturists at the Community Acupuncture Project of West Seattle. We lease the building next door to this proposed project at 4535 44th Ave SW. It is currently in the Early Design Guidance phase of Design Review and they have not yet applied for their MUP application. The EDG Meeting is scheduled for 5/9/13.

    Community acupuncture strives to make a powerful healing tool affordable to the neighborhood. Our sliding scale is $15-40 for a treatment in a quiet room with soothing music and other members of the community intentionally healing physical and emotional pain and illness.

    Tearing down an existing structure and building a four story commercial/residential building is noisy and time consuming. This proposed project adjacent to the clinic, shares a driveway and is literally a few feet away from our building.

    Last week we gave 94 treatments in this clinic. A quiet atmosphere is essential to an effective acupuncture experience.

    Our patients come with a wide range of health concerns and are often surprised at how effective regular acupuncture is at improving their health and quality of life.

    In April, we gave 337 treatments and in 2012, we provided 2184 treatments. Our patients are members of the West Seattle community: servers, librarians, realtors, homemakers, veterans, retirees, baristas, postal workers, musicians, nurses, artists, parents, and neighbors.

    We want to keep this vital community resource in the Junction. We are currently in conversation with the city about options for limiting hours of construction to allow for quiet clinic hours and when the clinic is closed, louder construction work. We sincerely hope that a balance can be met so that our clinic can remain open and our patients may continue to receive quality and peaceful health care.

    If you would like to learn more, please attend the Early Design Guidance meeting on Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 6:30pm at the West Seattle Senior Center – 4217 SW Oregon St @ California.

    read more on the story:


    Here’s a link where you may view additional information about the project (enter project no.):


    DPD No. 3014846

    Sonja Sivesind


    Community Acupuncture Project of West Seattle



    I am one of the aforementioned patients who benefits so greatly from this fantastic NEIGBORHOOD service, Sonja is not only extremely knowledgeable, professional, and a joy to be around she is deeply vested in West Seattle. By keeping these services centrally located and at a sliding scale so many are able to be treated!

    Many may be skeptical but I have had enormous relief from treatments ranging all over the board. My first acupuncture experience was for a sinus infection that would not go away…I was very close to a very painful surgery until I found acupuncture. I also think it is great to see seniors being treated, you can tell by the serene look on their faces that their pain must be lessened with treatment…I wish my Grandmother would have had this option. Hard to fault a practice that has been helping people for thousands of years!

    I have every intention of attending tonight and hope I can make it…. It is my most sincere hope is that a balance can be worked out, but in the event no concessions are made or reached, I only hope that you who are reading these words PLEASE keep in mind that if displaced we MUST insist on relocation!! Please keep this in mind should Sonja need a plan B surely someone has a rental for this QUIET, professional practice. Not only would that person be secure in knowing they would have outstanding tenants but will be helping the community!

    Please share this with friends and loved ones….that this service IS available locally, that treatment is affordable, and can treat so many, many ailments….give it a try!

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