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    So we are looking for a new adventure in electronics and have no idea about either one of these games. We want to find an exercise regime and play some games too. I am particularly interested in a golf game. Do you have any insight into either one of these units. Also, we want to spend less than $200



    Given your MO–new adventure, exercise, budget, what I’m kinda presuming is for family-with-young-kids(??) enjoyment–you’ll want a Wii. You can get a bundle–the console (it’s not a “game”), a controller or two (and you want at least two controllers), a couple of games, and perhaps a couple of other accessories–for about $150 or $200 max. They have a good selection of sports and dance (think, exercise) games and family games (Mario is a specialty), and they’re rapidly expanding their portfolio to a full range. Always buy your games used to save money. Check out first any game stores for used deals that carry warranties. Plan on spending $100 to $200 per year on games and accessories if y’all really love playing.

    If you’re going into this form of entertainment, be prepared to set strict rules for the kids on when they can and cannot play (gaming can take over their lives without parental involvement) and familiarize yourself with the ESRB ratings system (www.esrb.org–they also have a mobile site that’s nice on the phone when you’re at the store making a decision). Obviously, you make the call on what you allow your kids to “view/hear/play” but if you do have limits then the ESRB will help you on this.

    Be prepared for youngin’s to want to graduate to the PSIII and/or Xbox 360–a significantly more expensive but rewarding (IMO) investment. (Full disclosure: I’m a game dev for Xbox among other platforms. And for anyone who tells you it’s a waste a of time, well–there are more rewarding things in life for sure, but the industry is growing exponentially and career opportunities are profuse and for the most part a joy. My parents finally ate crow 20 years after my everyday arcade habit in the 70s and 80s wiped out my savings account quarter by quarter.)

    Good luck! :->



    The Wii Tiger Woods golf game is fun and I don’t like golf.

    We have both the Wii and Xbox Kinect and they both seem to have about the same options as far as activity games. The games I’ve seen are less for exercise than they are for being anti-sedentary. You’re not going to get in shape playing most of them. (But I don’t know anything about exercise specific software they run.)

    And unfortunately we barely play the activity games, leaving the Wii unused because the Xbox has way better games overall.



    Actually we are family with no kids. Thanks for your help



    Tiger Woods on the Wii – with the “real” swing motion (holding the controller) is legitimately as close to real golf as any video game has been.

    It is a great progression from beginner through the pro ranks and the graphics / courses are awesome!

    If you research “chickenstick” you will see a weighted adaptor for the controller to fit in that helps get a more real swing feel.

    CAUTION – be aware low ceilings and furniture!

    CAUTION – swinging too hard may injure you too.




    I have both and have kids. If I didn’t have kids I would go with the X box.



    I know nothing about exercising while playing video games. And I know nothing about golf video games.

    What I really enjoy are adventure-type and mission based video games – Gears of War, Resident Evil, Lord of the Rings, Grand Theft Auto. For those types of games, Xbox 360 is the clear choice.

    My favorite game so far on this generation of machines is Red Dead Redemption. Check out this review:


    Keep in mind the Wii is about to be replaced with the “Wii U” that I know nothing about.



    Women and pre-teens love the Wii. Until they get bored with it after a couple of months. However, they like xbox just fine.

    Men and teenagers (the only difference, of course, being that men can buy beer) prefer the xbox and will never get tired of it. Men and teenagers tend to hate the wii because the games are corny.

    I’m literally, honestly playing the xbox I bought 5 years ago right now. It’s on pause. The only reason my wife isn’t sitting next to me (playing Portal 2) is that she’s at work.

    Every person I know who owns a wii comes to my house to play xbox. I’ve never gone to theirs to play wii.

    Playstation is like Betamax.

    I’ve never used the Kinect, but that may be the best of both worlds.



    I have a Wii, a friend has xbox with Kinect. Hers is more fun by far. But for $200 you’re pretty much limited to the Wii.



    We have both, and I would say that by far the Xbox is more versatile, though it is more expensive as other people have said. There are a lot of games I would never want to try and play on the Wii, even if the titles were available.

    I just started with the new Nike+ training for Kinect title and I’m really impressed with it. It conducts fitness tests on you and simulates a personal trainer, putting together a custom exercise routine for you to do over the next four weeks, at which point it reassesses you. I’ve only had it a week but I thought it did a good job of challenging me. Dance Central 3 just came out too and, while far less scientific and workout-centric, will still get your heart rate up if you do it long enough.



    Or… Go outside for adventure and exercise!



    You can find an xbox 360 on craigslist with around 10games for 100-150$

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