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    happy hour

    I’m the woman who dropped dead at Thriftway market last month.

    I am now in rehab after being in intensive care for 2 weeks and 2weeks more in hospital

    Hopefully I’ll be out in a few more weeks

    I’d like to thank the person who performed CPR. I’d like to know who you are

    ( and details out of curiosity )

    To anyone who might be able to network for me.

    I need a new place to live. There are too many stairs where I am and have Fibrofatigue

    I’ve lived for 2.5 yrs. there are extenuating circumstances and need very low rent. I’ll miss my beach drive views




    Hi happy hour, I wish you luck in finding the person who gave you CPR and the rest of your recovery.

    I’m not sure which Rehab you are in but they should have a staff social worker that can work on housing with you. Also, if you are low income and have on going care needs to consider a state Medicaid application if you have not already done so. This may help you get COPES in the home for care or placement in an assisted living if you are needing that level of on going care…



    happy hour, Healing Thoughts and Hugs to you.

    And huge thanks to whomever it was that saved the life of a very kind person….




    Glad to hear you made it, and compliments to those who helped. It’s all about those first few minutes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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