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    Did anyone else see the White Escalade speeding south bound on California in the turn lane between Lafayette and the Junction?

    I called the police but was advised that unless an officer saw the infraction, it didn’t happen.

    Is this normal and acceptable? Speeding in the turn lane, passing cars and weaving between the lanes of traffic and the turn lane?



    Not today but have likely seen this car driving erratically before. About a month ago it was coming from the other direction around 38th and Andover and I had to lay on the horn and move into a parking space not to get hit, scared the crap out of me. Then a week ago it passed me on 35th weaving in and out of the lane. Unfortunately I could not get the plate. Light cream or white escalade, maybe gold trim.



    We almost got hit by a white Escalade this past weekend driving from Avalon to Fauntleroy. The person was swerving in and out of lanes and stopping very erratically – (like he was either drunk or stoned). He was too fast for me to get his license plate.



    because, you know,they’re….special…after all, they drive an Escalade….




    I called the police and read them the license plate as I was parked behind the Escalade at the post office. The dispatcher told me not to block them in.



    so, once this guy/woman causes an accident, then the police jump in……nice :(



    Seems like there has been a lot of crazy driving lately. This morning NB on Fauntleroy near the Fairmount ball fields, I noticed this black jeep right on my tail. I was doing the speed limit 35 mpg, and there was traffic in front of me, and this yahoo is flashing his lights at me, honking… I’m wondering where did he come from, I’ve been on this road since it crossed California, so I know I didn’t pull out in front of him or anything.. As soon as the late split into 2, he immediately moved to the left lane and was doing the same thing to the next person who had the misfortune to be in front of him.



    I did ask the dispatcher if someone had to be killed to get a response and she said no but still no agreement to follow up. It’s a woman. Or at least it was this morning.



    There’s something going on lately with drivers – at least here in WS. I’ve seen folks rushing to catch the evening Fauntleroy ferry doing really stupid stuff – and that’s saying something since it’s basically par for the course for them to be aggressive (benign term for being jerks). One guy was weaving in and out of lanes at high speed southbound on Fauntleroy on Friday by the same playfields which apparently convinced two other cars to follow suit. Cuz, you know with pedestrians and bikes on that street it would never end badly…

    And lots of the “signs don’t apply to me” folks too. Watched two cars (Tesla/BMW) decide that the business parking lot across from Endolyne Joe’s with the “CUSTOMER’S ONLY” sign prominently displayed is a mere suggestion. Gee, I wonder why there’s a bunch of open spots directly across from a packed restaurant? I wanted to say something as they walked past me to go in but was asked not to by others in my party.



    Maybe the Escalade driver is related to the driver of the white BMW SUV that needed to pass me using the turn lane on Delridge this morning. I hope they both crash into each other and harm nobody but themselves.



    Weird stuff lately.

    I was passed on the RIGHT side heading SB on beach drive (doing the speed limit).

    Heaven forbid there were joggers or walkers that the person did not see.



    On another traffic note, this morning on 99NB just before the stadiums, a small black hatchback or wagon drove the entire length of the “BUS ONLY” lane, cut into traffic then proceeded to cut into the left outside lane while we just watched. All I could think of is KARMA.



    Frustrating because police can’t/won’t enforce it, unless they see it, but they aren’t looking for it because they are off doing more important things. People know they can get away with it so they do it. I see this sort of stuff more and more each day. I feel like more people moving into the area isn’t helping peoples patience levels and this is the result. Hopefully civility will prevail.



    I saw a Black Suburban swerve from the left lane on the NB viaduct clear over to the bus lane and then swerve back into it a mile later. Apparently he thought it was a bus. I’d have taken a cell pix of his license plate while driving but two wrongs…



    Saw a white Escalade with gold Cadillac emblem tonight at 5pm north bound on California I was behind it between a couple cars. It was swerving in and out of turn lane to pass cars and braked a lot. It was driving pretty past. It then got into turn lane in front of Sirpos thought I could get it license plate as I approached to turn left myself but no it speed up swerved back onto California to passed another car. That large vehicle is going to hurt someone.



    I mostly drive locally, since I work at home…will definitely have to keep my eyes open for this…um…scofflaw… :(



    I saw the White Escalade at the post office this morning. She was parked in their lot half blocking the mail drop off lane. You’ll be happy to know there was a policeman parked right behind her waiting for her to come out of the post office. They probably didn’t site her but at least they responded.





    Willie Murderface

    I have seen this vehicle driving recklessly the last two weeks. I’ve seen them drive down the turn lane, swerve, etc. I usually see them twice a day.

    I’ve seen the car parked for a significant amount of time at 48th and Charlestown.

    This is an ongoing problem that is obviously affecting more than one of us.

    I will try to get their plates next time I see them, which will likely be tomorrow.

    I’m just glad I’m not the only one who’s seen them doing this.

    Edit: I usually see the car north of the junction.



    as with anything, I suppose, if enough people contact the SPD about this particular driver, maybe something will get done, squeaky wheel and all that…



    Jan, I was just thinking the same thing.

    I can understand, and share the OP’s and others’ frustration and discouragement with being told by 911 Operators that nothing can be done without an Officer witnessing it.

    If the Operator(s) are giving the info as a caveat, that’s one thing. But, if they are informing the Caller of that in a tone of voice/attitude suggesting it’s a waste of time to report, that’s wrong, IMHO.

    I don’t know if all 911 calls are archived indefinitely, but I would encourage folks to keep calling and (hopefully) get a longtime, or permanent record of each incident, and/or report it online, if one of the online reporting options allows such.

    Then, if word gets out to our Officers on the street, they can keep an eye out for the Escalade, especially in the area(s) of repeated incidents, and maybe inform the driver it’s not cool to take the term “Escalade” too literally….




    This evening at 6pm I was driving up Admiral Way and a Grey SUV passed me in the turn lane almost hitting a turning car, then passed the car in front of me. This crazy and so dangerous. I tried to speed up honing to catch him or her at the light to get a plate number, but they flew thru the just turned red light. Not only cars but walkers really need to be careful too. I see a possible collision or fatality coming soon. So sad that someone feels they are far more important then to follow the law….



    I have driven an Escalade and a Yukon once each – Rentals; not in WS; long story.

    These things make you feel invincible. You want to invade Iraq again instead of going to the local gas station. They compensate for any insecurity you have that week. You want to call everybody Bro and wear a hat backwards. They are hella fun.

    But you step out them feeling just a little bit dirty, guilty and stupid.



    As a pedestrian, I’ve been nearly creamed by all sorts of vehicles, from a Prius to a Metro bus. And yes, I am a very alert and careful walker – its almost as if some people don’t see what is going on. Poor time management, too many distractions, etc. I’ve4 driven trucks and can say I don’t feel invincible – I am even more careful because they are such behemoths.



    Some drivers just do NOT care. Period. I was crossing California at Admiral a few years ago, with the walk signal. Had to navigate around a car stopped in the crosswalk – gave him the eye – as he encroached the sidewalk when I was in the middle of crossing. He actually had the nerve to lean out his window and yell to me that he did not care that he was blocking the crosswalk. Basically it was my problem not his.

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