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    Damn, that’s funny, DBP! At $100 a head, no wonder “the Dow” is up! Oh, and here’s an update from Joe’s office. The suggestion to contact Shannon at least yielded some result. Let’s call it “Spam I Am” (this is the slightly abbreviated version):

    “I apologize that you had not yet received a response from our office. Unfortunately, until I received your email this morning, the prior emails had not been seen because they went to our SPAM filter. Councilmember McDermott takes constituent inquiries seriously and our office, whether staff or the Councilmember himself, works hard to be sure we respond and take action as possible related to any inquiries we receive.

    Michelle Allison, who handles issues related to the water taxi, called this morning and left a voicemail for you. Her direct line is 296-1659.

    I encourage you to call anytime and please let me know if you need further information.”



    DBP! That is hilarious. You get my Duckster nomination for the best election comedy skit of 2013! Well, I know, I am jumping the gun… there could be more. Still, this is going to be hard to beat.


    Take care and keep the faith! (What faith? he asks…. Faith in intelligent, rational discussions…) laters.


    Ah, the old spam excuse. Tried and true. There seem to be endless reasons people have for why they did not respond to an email. Frustrating.



    one has to wonder why citizen email is set to go into the spam folder



    Yeah, these days, you usually can’t say “My dog ate the mail.”



    Fear DBP? I don’t think so. Fundamentalists of any stripe are incapable of thinking outside their ideological bubble. Nothing to fear from that bunch of blunt, ineffective tools.

    Sure are annoying as hell as they die off, though.



    Eeps, dawsonct! I sure hope you meant to insert a comma to make it “Fear, DBP?” not “Fear DBP?” I doubt DBP is scary. Or a fundamentalist.



    Just noticed Joe will be the guest speaker at next week’s White Center Chamber meeting, 3/12 at Noon.

Viewing 8 posts - 26 through 33 (of 33 total)
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