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    There is no listings available thru the Seattle P.I. website and their website has all it’s images pulled down.




    I just drove by a few minutes ago. Didn’t have time to read the whole marquee. But I noticed that Ben Affleck’s picture ‘The Town’ is now playing.



    try this..click on Admiral Theater in the menu :)




    Todd, I had the same question as well. Several weeks ago I checked their web site to see what was playing and the web site was unviewable. I called them up to see what was playing, the girl who answered told me to look at their web site. I told her the web site was not functional. She didn’t seem to really care or want to tell me what was playing so I just gave up. Tough way to run a business and succeed with all the competition for the entertainment dollar these days.

    The web site is still not functional so obviously not an issue for them. Go figure.



    you can also friend them on facebook – frequent updates and weekly drawings for tickets! they’re under ‘The Historic Admiral Theater’

    Now Playing:

    Easy A

    The Town

    Let Me In

    Despicable Me

    All movie tickets: $5.50

    or: http://www.farawayentertainment.com/admiral.html



    Their web site doesn’t work. Do you know whats worse than not having a web site? Having one that doesn’t work. That is Web Advertising 101a. Right now the only thing visible is a promotion for an event Nov 7th!!



    the website that I just posted above works fine.




    Yes, your website works fine, but the web site for the theatre doesn’t work at all.



    it looks like they’ve been taken over by “far away entertainment” – so that would be the correct website now. I agree there should be a redirect to the correct website if the old one is defunct.



    That was my point HM, having a broken web site is far worse than no web site. Doesn’t help when I called them and they sent me to the broken site and insisted it worked.



    yes, that is frustrating. It’s odd, too, because they are really active on facebook – so they’re not totally un-web savvy.



    The Admiral is always in the Google movie listings; search for “Seattle movie times” and it’s the first link.



    Faraway Entertainment has been the name of the local company running Admiral for a long time. Nothing new there. Dinah, who runs the theater, does it all pretty much single-handedly. We check the website at least once weekly for events to include on our calendar and this is actually an anomaly. But as has been pointed out, they have chosen to update FB fairly often.

    What we have found in working with small local businesses is that those that had websites often had them made loooooooong ago in a completely unfathomable content-management system (or something like Dreamweaver) making them almost impossible to update. If you patrol the local webosphere, you’ll see many have upgraded lately, but not everybody. (We like to evangelize, just put up a free blog-format website you can easily update any time you want to, you don’t need some fancy bells-and-whistles extravaganza, it’s all about the content. And whatever you do, don’t make the whole thing in Flash, which looks lovely but remains highly search-resistant.)

    That said, if you’re looking for Admiral listings, this page is your bookmark, and it looks just great today.




    TR, could you recommend maybe the top 3 free blog-formats for websites in your expert opinion; thanks


    I hate flash websites; mainly because they take so long to load; sometimes it takes so long that I just can’t wait, and just delete; I do a lot of research on urban design, architecture; way too many use flash; why? I don’t get it; I don’t see any big difference to the visuals when they do finally load; please people, stop creating flash websites



    Tracy, you need to call them and get the admin settings for their old web site and just do a simple auto direct to the new web site!

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