Whats up at Holy Family tonight? 12-11-10

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    It looks like they have boom lights and maybe film equipment out. Lots of people milling around and stuff going on.



    so get down there and get in on it :)


    Jan, have you been outside this fine evening? It aint pretty. :)



    Oh good God, now I have to go back out in the monsoon. Am recovering from the second Christmas-ship-soaking episode of the evening. Will look around online first …



    We drove by on our way home this afternoon around 4 and they were just putting up some big spot lights and a blue back-drop kind of tarp blocking 20th between the church and school.

    Totally forgot to ask here… Thought it might be another tree lighting ceremony or something.


    Sorry WSB> :) Didnt mean to send anyone out in the storm again.



    we just drove by there and we were wondering what was going on. lots of idjit drivers gawking at it instead of looking at the road, too. be careful out there, WSB!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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