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    Have you ever been so irritated by empty shelves at a grocery store that you literally took the 3 things out of your cart, put them back, and left in disgust?

    I have now.

    Getting groceries on Monday afternoon in this neighborhood looks like the East German stores in the film Goodbye Lennin. And at one particular store it’s so common that I’m sick of it. They get no dollars from me today.



    I only shop at the stores with languishing pallets of stock blocking the end of every aisle, and shopping carts with inventory equipment randomly left hither and yon.



    Have you ever been to a country where stores only have 3 or 4 things on their shelves, or where kids don’t even eat 3 times a day?

    I have, and I would much rather live and shop in your Monday-morning supermarket here in the Land of Plenty.

    There are so many blessing out side each of our front doors compared to what can (or cannot) be found in too many parts of our world, and even OUR country~we don’t have it so bad!!!



    And… running any retail business these days is very hard for the best of managers, particularly those who are trying to keep up with population growth and purchasing estimates. Estimating what consumers will decide to buy on any given weekend, trying to keep up with the delivery schedules of wholesalers and trying to stock just the right amount of perishables so they don’t have to be tossed out at expiration is tricky at best. I’m all for counting our blessings of having many stores to choose from and an overwhelming array of food choices. How lucky are we!



    if you consistently suffer from a lack of choice at the grocery on Mondays..

    don’t shop on Monday


    me on 28th Ave SW

    Yes, I do find it irritating. I blame it on stores that no longer pay employees to simply stock shelves at night, and instead expect employees to stock “in between their other duties” during the day. And frankly, after working a weekend myself it was extra annoying even if that makes me a whiner.



    I’ve noticed that the Westwood QFC goes through periods of inexplicably empty shelves, but hadn’t made the connection that it was on Mondays. But yeah, when you have your heart set on, say, grilling chicken breasts and there are none left, it’s pretty annoying. Life goes on and there’s always steak, I guess. :)



    I went grocery shopping yesterday (Monday). At TJ’s, I found everything I needed except 1 item, which they told me was out of stock due to the port delays. I also found what I needed at Met Market, but I will say that some of the fish at the counter didn’t look as fresh as usual.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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