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    Can we settle this once and for all? Is Delridge a part of West Seattle? Other than being part of the same city council “district” I can find very little liinking the two (other than geography – obviously). Is – or is not – Delridge its own neighborhood? Why does the media always lump them together (as in the latest “West Seattle” auto repair sting reported by the Times)? Is Renton ever referred to as Bellevue? Their must be an official answer – thanks!





    Yes. Delridge is part of West Seattle. Just like Arbor Heights, Admiral, Seaview, Westwood, Highland Park, Alki, etc. Are you uncomfortable with Delridge being part of West Seattle? Lol. I’ve lived in North Delridge for almost 15 years and have always considered myself a West Seattleite.



    Hi Smitty, you must be new to reading WSB, as the Editor has pointed out many times that the boundaries of West Seattle are as noted here: http://tinyurl.com/nm2yxtk

    Plus, WS includes Arbor Heights running east to around 28th Av SW, and another area around Holy Family church.




    Agreed, it’s just another neighborhood within the neighborhood of West Seattle.



    “Are you uncomfortable with Delridge being part of West Seattle?”

    Huh? I live in West Seattle, not Magnolia. Snooty people are not allowed to live here!

    From the link:

    “West Seattle now comprised the entire West

    Seattle Peninsula covering 16.34 square miles from the

    Duwamish Head to the north, Puget Sound to the west,

    Elliott Bay and the Duwamish River to the east, and

    South Park and what is now SW Roxbury Street to the


    Well, someone better update Wikipedia then (I don’t know how…). The map they use looks pretty official to me.




    There has been maps out there that have Delridge separate. I consider Delridge WS. WSB posted something a few years ago about it but I’m not savvy enough to find it.



    Smitty, by that “pretty official looking” map the WEST SEATTLE Golf Course isn’t even in West Seattle. So yeah. Delridge is a neighborhood in West Seattle. What a weird question to even ask.



    The mayor’s office defines West Seattle as zip code areas 98106, 98116, 98126, 98136, & 98146. As Delridge falls into the -06, -26, and -36 it therefore is part of West Seattle.



    “What a weird question to even ask.”

    Been curious for years – why is that any weirder than half the discussions on this forum?

    It’s as if people who even ask the question are out of line for even thinking about it.

    Here is another one that looks pretty official:




    West of the Duwamish river, from there to the south city of Seattle limits, bounded by salt water east and north, West to the western side of the mouth of the west mouth/channel of the Duwamish.



    Smitty — that’s not a weird question, in my opinion, not even for a conservative …

    ok, seriously, the city of Seattle and its residents are consistently inconsistent in how labels are applied to neighborhoods and ‘sub-neighborhoods’; it depends on whether it is a census map, a council district map, a zip code map, an historic definition, etc. My sister was considering moving here, so I put together a document to help her understand WS; I was surprised that there was no coherent, cohesive, concise definition for WS available. WS, also called ‘Southwest’, is both a neighborhood name, separate from Delridge, as well as a name for the peninsula that includes Delridge.

    The best resource I found was the city clerk’s office; if you click on ‘List of Neighborhoods’ you will get a comprehensive list for both ‘West Seattle’ and ‘Delridge’:


    here’s the current Dept. of Neighborhoods neighborhood council map:




    also, here is the zip code map; unfortunately, the zips aren’t labeled and I can’t figure out how to turn the labels on. it appears that Arbor Heights falls into a zip that includes White Center, but I don’t know that area well enough to tell for sure.




    Thanks metrognome!

    I’m going with seattle/gov. But, from the looks of it there is no “right” (or consistent) answer –

    People seem to be worried about hurting other peoples feelings or some such – which is odd to me.



    The city decided to create “districts” which in turn led to “district councils.” They have nothing to do with neighborhood designations. Therefore, the Southwest and Delridge districts exist. (There are some in eastern West Seattle who will fight to the end to keep two districts here, but in my observation covering this for eight years, there are more times that the separation is unfortunate than not.)

    Aside from that bureaucratic city delineation of two districts, Delridge IS PART OF WEST SEATTLE. Period, full stop, end of story. West Seattle goes from Duwamish Head to The Arroyos to the city-limit line on the south (yes, as far as the JTF off Myers) to the Duwamish River on the east. There is no reason for anyone anywhere to try to claim that Delridge is not part of West Seattle.




    I think the defensiveness is because a lot of the people who insist that Delridge isn’t in West Seattle seem to be afraid that if they acknowledge that it is, their property values will go down.



    Smitty: A neighborhood is what you make of it in terms of your ties to it. IMHO, the only thing that ties West Seattle together as a neighborhood is some of the geography, shared woes about the bridge and, primarily, this blog(WSB). The only reason I give a crap about Delridge is because I read the coverage and I want to know if going to Home Depot is currently affected by some nearby incident or not.

    Also, Renton and Bellevue are sometimes clubbed together with the term “The Eastside” in news and normal conversation. I suspect folks in Medina probably have the same demarcation issues with Bellevue and Renton ;)

    I usually tell folks that I live “in the Southwest part of West Seattle in a neighborhood called Gatewood”. For most of my time and neighborly activities on the peninsula, Gatewood is the closest to the definition of a neighborhood. West Seattle is just a region to me and not a “neighborhood”.

    Now to inflame/troll this thread, I’d like to point out that the wikipedia map defines West Seattle as the neighborhood that is “west of 35th” ;)



    @WSB, please one more thing then this subject needs to die. What is this then? It says it’s from the Seattle City Clerk’s Office. Your description – while probably accurate – has no backup or documentation from the city.




    Smitty – Did you read the description of the map you linked to? It says it is not an official City map and borders are not official.



    Smitty, it literally says in the metadata of that file (try clicking the “open in media viewer” button):

    “this is not an official map; in particular, borders are not official.”

    So I think you have your answer. You do know wikipedia and wikimedia are user-edited. Below is a disclaimer from the link you posted.

    “Disclaimer: The Seattle Neighborhood Atlas, which the Seattle Clerk’s Office has placed in the public domain (as confirmed by OTRS ticket 2008033110016048) contains some general commentary on the maps, “About Maps”, which should typically be linked as an accompaniment to these maps to (in their words) “minimize the numerous ‘complaints’ or comments by users who feel it necessary to point out how the Clerk’s Office is ‘wrong’ about a certain section of town.” In particular, “About Maps” says that the atlas “is designed for subject indexing of legislation, photographs, and other documents in the City Clerk’s Office and Seattle Municipal Archives” and “is not designed or intended as an ‘official’ City of Seattle neighborhood map. There are many different ideas of what neighborhood districts exist in Seattle and what their names are…”



    Metrognome, when I use Metro’s Trip Planner, it lists my Arbor Heights address as Burien. We share a zip code, even though there’s quite a distance between the two. I’m constantly being told I live in either White Center or Burien, which is completely inaccurate – not even close. We get Highline, Burien, and WC junk mail as well, which is quite annoying.



    “Smitty – Did you read the description of the map you linked to? It says it is not an official City map and borders are not official.”

    Yes, to me that mean “streets”, but the general outline is accurate. Kind of like the new rezoning map that came out a few weeks ago.

    Again, I would like to see just one map or one description linked to a source other than some centennial project, however since I am the only one that even gives a rip let’s let this die.



    If it isn’t West Seattle then I don’t know what the hell it is. Bottom line, it is West Seattle. Always has been considered West Seattle as far back as I can remember (early ’90s lol)




    I would recommend I reading Richard Hugo’s The Real West Marginal Way.The first few chapters covers his growing up in White Center with his grandparents eventually hanging around rough crowds both there and also Riverside. I recall his mentioning how he felt inferior to the people of West Seattle he eventually went to WSHS. He sure draws a picture of the divide between south and north east and west of what I guess is all now West Seattle. Check out his writings there is aswell a YouTube video out there of him cruising this area in a convertible in the 50 s or 60s after he became a recognized writer and poet.



    Talaki, Just what I was thinking. The previously separate city of WS that became part of Seattle proper should be the defining area, no matter how (or not) the city defines it now. Don’t have a copy of “West Side Story”, but I’d be willing to bet all this is in there, too.

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