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    I drove an elderly person to the food bank Tuesday morning (senior’s day) and from what I observed they were very low on available food. She was given a ticket designating she needed food for 2 people (her husband is house-bound) and this is what she got: 1 pkg bologna, 1 box mac ‘n cheese, bag of white rice, sm. bag of pintos, 1 can diet soda, 1 6 oz. yogurt, qt. grapefruit juice, 11 potatoes (lime-sized), 8 very small very green apples, bag dried apples, offered but declined rotting and or smashed-up tomatos, 1 green pepper, 1 pumpkin cake, pkg. feta cheese spread, 1 french baguette (inedible, hard as a baseball bat), chewy candy. I felt very badly for her because I know she only goes there when its absolutely necessary. I observed rows of shelves in the back of the facility stacked with food and pallets of food against walls, so I’m not sure why the meager offerings for our seniors. Whatever the reason, I’m certain any help and donations would be appreciated, especially during this time of the year.



    Thanks for the firsthand report. We pitched this in the front-page news on Wednesday:




    I noticed on WSB’s report on the 34th’s meeting last night that one of the food bank’s was also seeking volunteers the day(s) before Thanksgiving, I believe it said.



    My family and I will be foregoing Christmas gifts (except for the 4 yo nephew) and will be donating what we can to the food bank instead.



    Looks like it’s time to clean the cupboards out.



    Zenguy that is such a great idea. :) I might pass that along to my family, if you dont mind. Somethiing a friend of mine does on Thanksgiving and Christmas is make sack lunches with sandwhiches, chips, drink, fruit, and occasionally a couple of dollars. He then goes to Pioneer Square and hands the bags out to the homelsss.



    I like that idea too BDG. I like the idea of the WS Food Bank because you may be helping your neighbors.



    I agree. Buying gifts is for kids. And even then…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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