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    Any insider tips on using the water taxi for trips into Seattle, originating from Thistle/California intersection? I assume parking nearby is not possible, nor free! I can use the K.C. trip planner, but it looks like NOT using the ferry would be faster. ( Other options – bicycle there ). I am asking for both job commuting, and fun-trip planning, to downtown and/or Seattle Center final destinations. Thank-you – I tried searching forum, and web for some help, but did not find much about parking – so assuming there is no parking ( new to West Seattle!)



    I don’t commute on the Water Taxi, but spend a lot of time down on Alki. There is free street parking but I’m guessing it “fills up” fast and you would have to walk quite a ways if you leave later in the morning. There is also a free shuttle bus that runs from the Junction and does a loop. There is a stop in the Morgan Junction (more convenient for you) but not during commuter hours – info here: http://www.kingcounty.gov/transportation/kcdot/WaterTaxi/WSeattle.aspx

    You could take a bus to the junction and catch the shuttle to the water taxi – but again, that might take longer than just driving downtown. But it would be a lot more pleasant than sitting in traffic on the WS Bridge!



    Hello and welcome! So there actually is free street parking all along both sides of Harbor Ave SW. That being said, on busier days such as weekends or when there is an event (Sounders, Mariners) and the summer time in general a parking space can be much harder to come by. I cant speak to the parking situation for the standard times that many people commute to work. I would also say that if you were going to start using the water taxi on a regular basis you may want to look into getting ORCA card. It saves you a tiny bit of money each way, but it adds up and its just easier then fumbling with $4.75 each time you board. The taxi if paying in cash is exact change only. You can also take your bike onto the water taxi and that would allow you to make your way to Seattle Center but also essentially remove your need to find a parking space. It is a nice little trip across :)



    First, welcome to West Seattle. We are headquartered near the intersection you mention. On the occasions I have to go downtown to cover something (court or city hearing), I try my best to get dropped off at Seacrest to catch the WT, which really is a great way to get downtown, especially this time of year. But during commute hours, you can take the 22 (nearest stop, 41st/Thistle) to The Junction and catch the Water Taxi shuttle from there – I just tested and Trip Planner will give you pretty good info on that. Good luck – Tracy

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