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    My water heater bit the dust. I called my fave guy, Joe the Plumber, only to find he has retired from plumbing. Devastating news, as I’d used Joe for many years and I really trusted him. Does anyone have a plumber who is reasonably priced and as trustworthy as Joe?



    I’m not endorsing any company, but shopped around when ours failed last year and ended up with Fast Water Heater company. They were fast (ha!) and the price was fair. Good luck!



    My 35yrs old AO Smith water heater finally gave out, thanks for not doing the annual flushing the dirt off. It could have lasted another 30 yrs if I had done the flushing.
    Went to HomeDepot online and order Rheem water heater, paid another 100$ for the removal, installation and earthquake proof it—-all done within 2 hrs by Fast Water Heater Company.
    It helps if you drain all the water before the removal- save time.



    Hello, just wanted to let you know I decided to keep Joe the plumber open
    Thanks for reading



    Thank you to everyone for the recommendations. The best quote I got was from Fast Water Heater, but with earthquake strapping the labor came to $1-1500. Now that Joe is making a comeback, I’ll wait and see. (triple heart emoji)



    I used O’Neill Plumbing and was very happy with them. My condo recommended these two companies, but I have not used either of them and cannot personally recommend. FAST Water Heater – (866) 554-2448 and Benla Water Heaters, Inc – (206) 283-7676



    we can do that water heater replace for you. We will beat the others prices for sure and you get better work most likely. Call me if you still need this replaced. Mark/Prestige Renovations.



    FYI our on demand water heater gave up and I asked my plumber buddy if he could fix it and his reply was we don’t try to fix them we just replace them. I looked at some YouTube videos and watched one where the most likely culprit was the thermal limit switches needing to be reset or the water flow sensor was funked up. Tried the dishes first no go. The new water flow part was $40 so I gambled on that and watched the video many times and replaced it myself. Took an hour to do. Using a voltage tester I also learned my circuit breaker box was mislabeled and my water heater is on three double breakers! Always triple check working on powered devices!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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