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    Anyone know if the Walker Rock Garden, a West Seattle treasure, is still in existence? I remember it used to be open to the public on Mother’s Day, but I also remember that the house was up for sale a couple years ago.



    Also, just saw this on Realtor.com: So public records show it was listed for sale on 2/3/11, then delisted 16 days later?

    02/19/2011 Delisted — — — MLS #178938

    02/03/2011 Listed $392,000 $392 — MLS #178938



    We have been following the saga over the years. Yes, it was not on the market long, and there is no proof as of last time I checked the county property records (will check again) that it was sold after all. (Nor was there sign of any development activity – at one point there was something about splitting the lot, about the time it was put up for sale.) The real-estate agent stopped answering our queries. Last year on Mother’s Day I drove by, no sign of the old customary opening. Forgot to do so today. – TR



    Thank you for the update, Tracy! I do hope the garden reopens to the public on special days, but that doesn’t seem likely anymore.



    My sister and I wanted to see the garden last spring, as it’s on our list of cool things to see in Washington. We walked by the house but didn’t want to disturb anyone. Then while we were standing there, the renter pulled up and Okayed us coming in to see the yard. That was SO nice of him as it’s actually pretty cool though slowly falling apart. No one to care for it anymore. : (

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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