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    We have a new-to-us puppy and are in the market for a vet. With other dogs in the past we have used Lien, and the VCA on California.

    We are considering using Lien again, or trying Pet Care Center.

    Anyone have any opinions that have used them recently? Or, is there another place I shouldn’t overlook?

    Also, I’ve looked over boarding recs from years past and wanted to see if anyone has any updates or current favorites?

    And, great groomers especially for labradoodles…so they look like labradoodles and not poodles.




    Our dogs have seen most of the doctors at West Seattle Animal Hospital, and they are all very good. The rest of the staff are super friendly, too.



    Cecilia of Cecilia’s Temple of Groom (just behind the Junction Post Office) does an amazing job on our labradoodle. As a bonus, he adores her and tries to go visit her every time we walk past her place. I think she has a waiting list for new clients at the moment, but its worth getting on it IMO.



    Canine Casa near Endolyne’s.



    I have been using West Seattle Animal Hospital for many years I especially like Dr. Nesa Quincey. Keep your eyes open in the val packs or other coupons they usually have a free first visit for new clients so you can try it and see if your pup and you like it there!




    I’ll check out WS Animal Hospital (and grooming when we are ready, but did get on waiting list for the temple of groom)

    Anyone with Pet Care Center opinions/experiences?

    Up to date boarding experiences?




    Also, pet insurance? In the past we have not had it, but had 2 dogs that ended up have very expensive vet trips and surgeries.

    Anyone with experience with using vet insurance? Trupanion? VPI?



    Love Love Love Pet Care Center!!!!

    I have been going there for the past 15 years – ever since we have had animals. They are GREAT!

    I especially like that they are walk in. I typically do not wait long at all to get in to see the Dr’s either.

    The Dr’s are a wife and husband team and are very caring and thorough. I wouldn’t trust my animals to anyone else!



    For boarding, we love Stella Ruffington, just south of the Morgan Junction. We have taken our dog there for 3 + years, both for overnights and half-day care, and he’s always been happy there. John, the manager, is really a nice guy, along with the other people who work there.

    For grooming, we LOVE Celilia at Temple of Groom!



    I would recommend Pet Care Center of West Seattle hands down. Dr. Robert Griffith and Dr. Su-Chin Dean, husband and wife team are just the best. I live directly behind Pet Care Center. I see, hear and observe a whole lot of LOVE. I know several close friends that take their cats and dogs there and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

    I have a parrot and they are not avian vets but they offered to board my parrot as long as Su-Chin could have him in her office while I was gone. She fell in love with him/her? I think they treat all of their patients like their own. The entire staff

    is full of beautiful human beings who love animals.



    Since arriving here in January, we have had the opportunity to try several groomers. Hands down the best we’ve had and now our regular groomer, is Rebecca at The Wash Dog.



    Lien Animal Clinic

    Muttley Crew Cuts for boarding

    Muttley or The Wash Dog for grooming

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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