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    Michael Waldo

    We decided to venture out to a few of our favorite restaurants in the last couple of weeks. We felt like sitting with other fully vaccinated people was going to be safe.
    Endolyne Joe’s checked our vax card right as we walked in. Mioposto checked our cards. Elliot Bay in Burien, no.
    We will not be going back. The hostess did not ask to see our card. We had them out on the table, our server did not ask.
    A couple who sat down next to us has their cards out and asked us if anyone had checked ours. They were quite irritated.



    Waitress at my favorite restaurant(not in WS)said the #1 reason restaurant workers won’t ask is that they’re afraid of the verbal and/or physical abuse they will get from irate customers. They simply don’t make enough money to want to deal with it and they have no confidence that other customers will come to their defense. Also have to ask: how many people ask to see the vax card proof of all the workers in a restaurant.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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