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    If I have to bring a bring friend for medical emergencies to Capitol Hill during the day, can I use the lower bridge?



    Guarantee you that SDOT will say no. Your only recourse would be to request a hearing to see what the “system” say’s about the tickets. PLEASE don’t hold out any hope of SDOT doing anything. It’s clear they cannot open to all. The bridge could not handle the volume. The current reality is that it’s underused and can handle more vehicles. The sad reality is that SDOT has NO interest in doing anything about it. The high bridge has been closed for almost a year giving SDOT a LOT of data on how the low bridge is doing. My bet: SDOT will announce more cars can use the low bridge about a month before the high bridge reopens.



    If you are planning for it in advance how is it an emergency?

    I think CarDriver is correct, at least about this small point: you will not get permission. But if it’s really an emergency why on earth wouldn’t you do it anyway and just swallow the fine?


    2 Much Whine

    I think the fine is $72. I could be wrong, because whatever it is, I don’t plan on violating the lower bridge rules. BUT, with that being said, $72 is about 100X less expensive than an ambulance ride. I’d gladly pay that in a heartbeat. AND, I suspect that if you did get a ticket for a documented medical emergency (not just because you were late to your COVID-19 test appointment) you’d have a good shot at getting it dismissed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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