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    Ok – still unfounded rumor but I was just in Trader Joe’s in Burien and overheard a customer comment to the cashier “You’re not in my neighborhood. I’m in West Seattle.” That cashier and the one helping me -both- replied they’d heard TJ’s is working on opening a store here in West Seattle by the end of the year.

    Time to send a letter to Santa Joe?



    I heard this one last year! Don’t believe it.



    I need to search for the real answer, I guess :-)



    Don’t hold your breath. I’ve heard that same rumor every time I’ve gone to the Burien store since it opened!


    forget the petition/request, organize a rally with signs infront of the burien trader joes. 10-20 people should make an impression.



    If I had a dime for every Trader Joe’s rumor since we started WSB … we would be living in one of those beautiful homes down at Arroyo Beach near where the gray whale breathed his last.

    I have heard several “done deal, sure bet” reports in the past six months. But the media folks said it’s “not in the 2-year plan” which ostensibly runs through the end of NEXT year.

    All the same, I’m due to bug them again sometime soon. You just never know. And once Whole Foods officially knows its lease is not being honored in June – you never know what that could set in motion.



    “If I had a dime for every Trader Joe’s rumor since we started WSB … we would be living in one of those beautiful homes down at Arroyo Beach near where the gray whale breathed his last.”

    …….and you’d also have the official WSB NewsZeppelin! ;-)




    I asked Burien store personnel about a WS store just a while ago while I was there, and was told that they are indeed opening a store here.

    They were specific in saying that it would be in the main Huling building.

    Not an official release, but there it is. Tracy or Chris, if you want the names of the employees with whom I spoke, please message/email me and I’ll be glad to tell you.



    I already checked this one out yesterday.

    First I called Trader Joe’s headquarters.

    Not on the list for this year, a woman insisted on telling me. Repeatedly.

    Now, this IS a slight change, as when I last spoke to corporate headquarters a couple months ago, they said it was not in their TWO-YEAR plan, which meant, they insisted, through 2011. Now, they’re saying, not on the list for this year. 2011? They don’t comment.

    Next, I called Trader Joe’s in Burien, and asked to speak with the manager on duty, figuring he/she could either repeat this exciting claim to me, or else maybe they could tell their employees to quit telling customers there’s a Trader Joe’s opening soon in West Seattle, because corporate keeps denying it.

    Manager Dan said, well, they all know that TJ’s has been looking around West Seattle, but denied that anyone there has any info about any specific location.

    I checked the city records for all the sites. Searched the county records for any new evidence of a Trader Joe’s lease. Nothing.

    So that’s what I can tell you. Doesn’t mean there’s not some deal out there that they somehow are OK with telling customers about but refuse to tell anyone who identifies herself as a reporter.



    That’s interesting. The persons with whom I spoke were very matter-of-fact about the Huling location, like it was well-known among them at least.

    Oh, well; we’ll keep watching…and hoping.



    It would be a dream come true.



    This will probably be an unpopular sentiment, but I really don’t want a TJ’s. There are so many great local businesses that have great products (West Seattle Cellars, the new produce stand by the Shell, Sugar Rush, Husky Deli, etc) that I worry would lose a lot of business to a Trader Joe’s. TJ is a big corporation with a loyal clientele, they don’t need my $$. Our local businesses do. Just my opinion.



    Agreed carter, ho-hum. I’ll keep my money local as well.

    The one plus I could see to it would be preserving the Huling building for a while longer; I like it’s interesting exterior.




    I shop local every bit I can – which is plenty; C&P, Husky, WS Optix, Russell’s, Super Supplements, Easy Street, Thriftway, etc. But I still trek down to Burien for Trader Joe’s non-rBST dairy products (at a fraction of “organics”) and all the other good things they carry.

    And even if they never open here I always will.

    One does not preclude the other.


    For what it may be worth, I was just at the CapHill TJ’s and was told by two checkers that a store would open later this year at Alaska Junction. Unsubstantiated rumor still perhaps, yet from another source than the Burien location.



    We’ve been checking beyond the company. Watch for a story on the home page within the next couple hours.



    That should generate a lot of hits.



    We’re having a banner month already (1st time with more than three-quarters-of-a-million pageviews 2 months in a row) so certainly not doing it for the traffic. But there was too much talk not to go really deep with the research. Anyway, gotta get back to the stories I have to publish first before I can finish that one!



    you tease, you! ;-)



    I’m about to hit publish .. hang on …



    Interesting (and imho somewhat limited) view of “local business.” Chains provide jobs locally and almost everything I’ve heard about TJs as an employer is positive. They provide access to people who need bargains and don’t have transportation. They provide out of town traffic for people who will discover some of our local businesses. (I’ve found places on Cap Hill and Burien in the course of wandering over to TJs.) We live in a big city — some of us live here for the variety that small towns don’t provide. (Not to mention the anonymity, but that’s another thread for another day.



    When I think of a local business, I think of one where, at the end of the day, the profits stay in the community, not just the wages of a few modestly paid service industry employees.

    We haven’t even touched on the fact that TJ’s is one of the worst perpetrators of product over-packaging in the processed food industry.



    Curious dawsonct as to your sources for such a claim?



    Which one? The over-packaging is obvious.

    And the fact that profits from chains don’t stay in the area is common sense economics.

    EVERYTHING available at TJ’s, except for TJ branded products, are available from local purveyors, and if you drive past Big John’s PFI to get to Capitol Hill TJ’s, well, you are simply ignorant. I understand most of you are from California, and if you can’t have Cal. sunshine up here all year long, at least you can have Cal. culture, which is why there is so much desperation for this chain store. I know (most of) you TJ rooters are homesick, so I am trying to help you move beyond it, learn where Seattleites go for a great selection of imported foods at great prices, and help our LOCAL economy at the same time.

    Good news, ignorance doesn’t need to be permanent.



    Of course, you didn’t back up your over packaging claim…not that I disagree with you since most of the limited produce they sell is packaged. When Met Market and PCC sell the same items for the same price, I will shop there, but for the most part, on the items they both sell, they are not even close.

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