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    Let us all discuss the three egregious near-misses caused by inattentive/rushed/inconsiderate CAR DRIVERS that I witnessed on the stretch of southbound Avalon between Andover and 35th. These all occurred in the several minutes it took me to ride my bike home along this stretch.

    1) A car crossed Avalon (at a high rate of speed) to get from Yancy to Andover, failing to yield to the cyclist traveling south up the hill in the bike lane. The cyclist is still breathing because of well executed evasive maneuver. Reckless car driver continues up Andover without the slightest acknowledgment of what happened.

    2) While waiting at the light of 35th and Avalon, witness a car driver waiting to make the illegal left turn from 35th onto Alaska (Kudos to the car drivers who didn’t have their heads up their butts laying on the horn to let this guy know he was in the wrong). Driver makes the illegal left as a runner traveling northbound enters crosswalk. Runner is still breathing due to yet another well executed evasive maneuver. Driver speeds away knowing what he did.

    3) Last and most angering to me. Still at the intersection of 35th and Avalon. Lyft driver blows through intersection, making a left onto northbound 35th from eastbound Avalon we’ll after his green turn arrow expires. Gets pissed and lays on horn at older woman rightfully in the crosswalk, driver away like the POS that he is.

    Now that I have said my piece, please start making excuses for the car drivers, blaming bikes, blaming the city council, etc.



    If you don’t already have a helmet cam, you should strongly consider getting one.



    Scott I do have one, but put it on the shelf for the winter and replaced it with an extra light. Guess I need to start wearing it again.

    WSB, will you allow me to post every video I can get of drivers threatening the lives of cyclists and pedestrians?



    I’m not WSB, but post away TSurly.
    35th and Avalon is beyond dangerous for the volume of cyclists, peds, transit and car drivers, and traffic violence is just the icing on the cake–which there seems to be an insane amount of at this intersection. I avoid it on my bike because I’m just not a confident enough rider (getting there). I dread it as a ped because of the amount of people who breeze through the crosswalks to take their “free right on reds” or punch the gas to get in an unprotected left turn. When I’m driving, I move through the intersection slower than the speed limit due to the volume of unprotected turns, transit exiting/entering traffic, and unprotected (non-car) road users. Love getting honked at for not running the red light!
    Reps. Fitzgibbons and Cody are supporting a bill in the WA House to allow for cameras to catch box blockers–I wondering if these cameras can be used for all traffic violations in these intersections? I’ve seen a lot of dangerous driving in the presence of SPD, nothing is done. If we can’t get traffic enforcement from SPD in person, time to turn to the cameras.
    Did you get the Lyft driver’s license plate? I report Uber and Lyft drivers whenever I see dangerous and illegal driving, and can capture a plate number.



    Thanks for the support/feedback Ponderosa. I did not get the Lyft drivers plate number, my focus was on the person in the cross walk. I wore my helmet camera this morning and will post a video of an illegal pass in a new post here shortly.



    The amount of people who fly through red lights is astounding. So incredibly selfish just to avoid sitting still for a minute? (Or how ever long it takes for the light to change I don’t really know)

    I may be opening up a can here but I don’t understand why so many people oppose red light cameras. It seems like a good deterrent and if you don’t run the red light you have nothing to worry about right? TSurly please be careful that you don’t spend so much time keeping track of all these infractions that you put yourself in harms way on the road.

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