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    Why can’t the City counsel make the criminals pick up the trash or do landscaping around the City?
    40 hour’s of Community service = One week of jail time…
    I don’t see SDOT doing anything, just look at Harbor avenue…They planted it with tax payer money, why can’t they maintain it?
    Or is it like the Home owner that should have bought a condo, cause they can’t do the yard work that’s involved with home ownership.
    More bark, bigger bite!



    Right. This is one of my top pet peeves/Rants about SDOT. SDOT right of way maintenance is indeed at par with a homeowner who once in a decade uses a weed-whacker for yardwork.
    Take a good look at the shoulder of the west seattle bridge (leaving Fauntleroy and 35th) if you want to see homeless camp level of garbage in addition to overgrown weeds. I think weeds are their newest addition to crash barrier safety technology.



    That program already exists.
    See “work crew” on this page.

    The county has a program too.



    The WSB should ask the City of Seattle to send some of these workers to the promised land…
    Roads like Harbor ave, Admiral way, West end of the West Seattle bridge, Olson Pl, Roxbury all need some type of landscapes needs, I could keep going like the Energizer bunny but you get my point.



    Or, Graciano should ask the city….




    I saw an interesting article in the paper recently that said aside from the huge population growth generating more trash, the long standing roadside garbage clean up by prisoners has been put on hold for quite some time due to a conflict between who has to assume liability for the prisoners should they get hurt on the job. Until this bill is resolved, no clean up.

    One article on this:



    Littering is just one of many violations that are not enforced in this city. In the last few days I’ve also seen more illegal dumping than ever before, with old crappy furniture, etc., dumped on corners and at bus stops. There’s barely a bark, much less a bite.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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