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    Hi All: It has been pretty quiet, wonderful, and enjoyable in the West Seattle Ducky Reserve neighborhood for quite some time… but that ended rather explosively early this morning.

    A man and a woman pretty much completely destroyed the Irish Ducky Main Stage at 1:26 a.m. this morning (March 25). You can check the video for yourself. It is pretty dismal. They stole a two foot high singing Leprechaun, two smaller leprechaun rubber duckies, and some display items (tinsel, of all things).

    Link =

    The couple arrived in the neighborhood at about 12:23 a.m. with bag in hand and stayed somewhere south of 7031 Beach Drive for about an hour, before leaving, without bag in hand, and then destroying the stage. My guess is they were visiting someone south of me and will be very recognizable to anyone who knows them.

    Posters will be going up, I guarantee it. Police report has been made. Fox news has filmed a segment. This is about as mean-spirited as they come. Gotta say, the world needs a bunch more duckitude given these kinds of actions…



    Hi Ron, It’ll take me awhile to be able to view the vid, since I’m on dial-up, but I’m sorry this happened to you.

    I haven’t made it down there for quite awhile, so have missed probably the last couple or so displays.

    I’m getting so sick and tired of these worthless scum that have nothing better to do than vandalize and steal others’ property.

    Hope these losers are caught, and dealt with.

    Trying hard to keep the Ducky Spirit,




    It seems like a paradox to me that a country like ours, which has such historically strong notions of personal property rights, can simultaneously have people with such blatant disrespect for other people’s property. This is disappointing.



    Well said, Christopher.

    I watched the vid, and the only thing I can think of is why?!?




    It’s all about selfishness.



    our historically strong personal property notions apparently only apply these days to our own property.

    yours is now fair game.

    Duckie.. i am so sorry this happened and so glad you have it on tape. I hope someone in the neighborhood does the right thing and identifies them



    what really disturbs me is the glee they have on their faces as they do this. I hope they’re caught…bet they’ll be surprised when they find out it’s been filmed for posterity.

    Maybe they’re reading this right now…jerks!


    HMC Rich

    Please, Please keep the faith. My family and I love the displays. We are saddened by this news. Yes, WHY?!



    Hi All: Thanks for the support! I gotta say, this one hurt. I still can’t look at the video without just wanting to… uh… to… well, you know. Pretty ruthless stuff.

    No one has been unsupportive, but, it is interesting that a lot of people don’t see this as “serious.” Just duckies… really?

    Ducky Boyne is well known and appears on greeting cards and calendars and was one of the favorite duckies of passersby. His mechanism is irreplaceable and one of a kind. You might like to think that he was not a sculpture or “art”, but that is exactly what he has been defined as by better artists than me.

    The police, not unexpectedly (which is too bad), view this as not a crime against art or a piece of art, but a mere garden display. It’s pretty dismal. Interactive art, I guess, has to be in a secured gallery or a case, then?

    As for keeping the faith — not a problem. They are, after all, duckies. Resilient, bouncy, undeterred. Not unlike their creator…

    Take care, it is a jungle out there…



    Remember the classic cartoon short, ‘Bambi Meets Godzilla’? Maybe some day soon, we will see ‘Thugs Meet Ducky’ starring the actual vandals. I saw a British Bobby ducky in a catalog if you need to beef up your security.



    I loved that cartoon! Short, but, well, so poignant!

    Apparently the “story” of the ducky vandalism and theft made it on Fox national news… my ex-wife in Austin, Texas called my daughter in Austin last night and said “did you know your dad was on TV?”

    I have no idea and the Fox news people have not told me, what the piece ended up to be. Most likely something about home surveillance issues…

    I will let you know. No luck yet on finding the perps.



    I live down the dead end until just recently, and I have to say I don’t recognize the criminals. My kids love your displays– I am truly sorry this happened to you.



    This sucks! At least with the posting of this video they’ll be shamed into never returning to the neighborhood. Also, it’s not obvious to me it’s a man and a woman… could be two women???

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