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    Show your support for #Black Lives Matter! The “Respect” quilt project: allies at work
    The “Respect” quilt is a result of Black and white creators working together to honor Black women’s beauty, history, and resilience.
    The first one, underway, is being created by a former teacher, a white woman, for a former student of hers, a Black woman in South Bend, Indiana. When in her class at age 15, the young woman wrote and illustrated a short story, “Overcoming Adversity,” which stayed in the mind of her teacher all these years. (Discussions are afoot about revising it and publishing it with Honey Girl Books and Gifts LLC.)
    The “Respect” quilt features African fabrics (waxes and Ankara cottons), Afrocentric fabrics, such as Harlem Toile de Jouy designed by Sheila Bridges and the striking AphroChic silhouettes (both in Brooklyn, NY), and other fabrics purchased from African-American business women across the USA, including Our Fabric Stash in the Pike Place Market (Seattle). It is the intention to celebrate and honor Black womanhood that we all share.
    The quilts are pieced together in blocks with symbolic messages about the joys and pains of life; each has two pockets on the front (one flannel shirt and one Levi’s jeans) and one on the back made of Levi’s jeans with patches on it. The three patches shout out our political message: “Respect existence or expect resistance”; “Malcolm X”, and “One Love” (from a Bob Marley song). These quilts are a message of sisterly love, a reminder of the work to be done, and a call for unity among people.

    The first Respect Quilts (Queen size) are in progress, due on or before October 15, 2020. Check our website for more photos!

    Orders are accepted now for Respect quilts no. 3 and beyond. Can be used as a wall-hanging or bed cover. Two sizes: Queen size or Small (Love Seat / Couch Throw). Queen size: $750; Small: $500. They are for a fund-raiser for the Boys and Girls Clubs of St Joseph County, IN & King County, WA. For every “Respect” quilt sold, 50% of proceeds will be donated. For more info, email:
    Julia Douthwaite Viglione, PhD
    Honey Girl Books and Gifts
    West Seattle, WA



    The “Respect” quilts of 2020 are a must-have for the weary but determined activist, seeking a cozy refuge from the cold world. The red sides and back aim to take back the color and remind us of the long history of protest associated with red (Rennes le rouge, the Little Red Book, le bonnet rouge), MAGA supporters notwithstanding.

    “Respect” quilt no. 1 has shipped to its new owner, and no. 2, almost done, is already sold. Order yours today for an amazing holiday gift; see our Election Special below! Honey Girl Books and Gifts will make one just for you, in 30-45 days or so, well in time for the January inauguration of a new regime!

    Special prices until November 3, 2020: Prices: $500 for large size (54″ x 78″); $300 for small size (36″ x 45″), plus tax and shipping (free delivery in Seattle!)
    To get on the waiting list, contact:
    Thank you!
    West Seattle

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