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    We’ve got to never allow the theatrical aspects of politics take over our society. We must demand that political protesting, financial political agendas that call for or allow for our government to weaken or to fail, as well as our presses ability to be sadly able to fail to do anything but create news for the staff report upon to the public cannot be allowed to ever be seen nor heard of anywhere on the planet ever again.

    We’ve had to endure such horrible local government and then at a National level is bad enough. Yet, to have to have the return of the the local melt-down that lead-up to Day One of The Trump Administration, brought back to us just to show it to us as a harbinger of further doom and gloom, means a lot of angst for us locals.

    Our press’ ability to empower the pubic and act as a watchdog of the government, our police, and to critique our society’s culture has been lacking for one reason or another as well. I have always believed that the government and the press respond and monitor our society to keep us more dignified, civilized and allow for less disgrace while also encouraging us to change for the better. However, without those two institutions outside of the business and industrial sector’s capacity to create greater tools to help to manage how our society understands how it is expanding and changing, our society goes into what can be called “freefall”.

    like Emile Durkheim (whose treatise entitled, “Suicide” seemingly created the science of Sociology from his depiction of life after war-time when he statistically proved an effect he called “Anomie” can cause suicidal depression in large parts of the population by reviewing Europe’s morgue records over decades if not centuries of Europe’s past, I feel that our society has found a sense of “Gallantry” from the days of our lives gone past over the last year or two.

    This effect, or force of nature means that the dichotomy of labor and roles in society by sex has set upon us, as we might easily imagine it might have been in Europe and Britain of days of old. This force of “Gallantry”, that has only to be recognized for what I feel it so easily can be seen to be, should be seen as a base-line indicator of a change in society that will end a cycle of abuse. Once it has been seen to set upon our society, where things break-down in the way I feel that they have as of late in our region, it should be able to allow for a more provincial sense of dignity, a more historically European appreciation of history and traditions, and a greater sense of dignity as well as a lack of disgrace. Amongst a population besieged by problems, there is a need to have “Coda” an ending note that can herald a new beginning, as well as an end to the issues of the past. This is the force of “Gallantry”, that in my way of thinking, Emile Durkheim, if he were still working on his theories today, would have already begun to document and to prove unequivocally.

    I, personally, can only say that my diatribe here is not a rant, yet is an opinion of an educated person wanting to change the world. I want to end this current “Cycle of Abuse” I see going on in our society – yet I have not time, no voice and as such no future to plan for doing anything more. I have no interest in complaining of my own distress, nor my own issues that frustrate me, however I can only say that my sense of dignity has been challenged and by sense of honor disgraced over the last 3 years. I have only to say that I cannot feel for anyone more than myself, as I have been forced to chose from frustrating choices allowed only by tiresome and worn-out arguments brought forth by the interests of poorly educated, disinterested and ineffectual people whose claims and demands are always those of bleeding-heart liberals, whose agenda in invariably of their own best interests and about power and wealth more than anything.

    I must say that “We can only do better!” as my statement of my own need to assert a my sense of “gallantry”. We should only need to aspire to the European standards (not of metric calculations) and to embrace the goal of a “Dolce’ Vita” – that of having better quality of life and greater creature comforts on a day-in day-out basis – instead of trying only to maximize wealth and quantify our assets as a means to an end. Still, we need a leader with the ounce and the image of a gallant man, whose presence must be able to be seen as the same as yet above the usual gallantry seen in our society. Someone who represents a higher standard of gallantry than anyone other in our society.

    I feel that the gallantry of our time has broken down to create a hierarchical or tiered system of gallantry that necessitates that there has only to be a systematic decision that encourages or allows for there to be a leader amongst the society that has broken down to a state of being seen as guided by the force of “gallantry”.

    I am not want to be a leader, nor a scientist putting forth a theory of gallantry, instead only someone still yearning for justice, for legal order to be applied to my life so that I might someday find a sense of peace. It has been said, “Where is no justice, there will no peace.” Perhaps our society was created and predicated upon revolution to end tyranny based on that equation of peace being found only from political science being used to find that it can only be had by applying justice and at some point, fairness.

    So, as my society fails – I find that my cries for fairness and justice to be all but lost among the myriad of other voices, who all need to restore their faith in our society and our gallantry. Yet, I write and I wait and I wonder – “when?” How will the voice of my need for justice be heard?

    When will justice be applied to my life? For me to ever know that there is a just and fair person who can and will decide, for one and for all, that I need to be free of the unfair, unkind, and injustice system of the people who claim to have only the best of intents and have the control over my past and future accounts, yet have only to be seen as the worst part of my situation, everyone’s equation, and are for all purposes the example of the problems that they can only claim to see in me, more than anything? The reality is that I am doing well and good, and just fine – without any future. Despite my having been given a plan to have no future, I have found that I can sustain my own health and happiness despite existing without any future, any friends, and without anything but plans made by others for an insufferable future of planned failure, by more of the same.

    I see my society a need to prove our gallantry, and needing to prove that we are gallant in our society, I feel that our society will do better going forward. Yet, without justice and without peace, there is only a sense of sadness and remorse on my part, that I have to live in a society of such potential future yet knowing only that I have a planned future and fate without any actual future or place in that society of any potential for anything but failure, and without a chance at achieving any gallantry.

    Thank you for your understanding ~ that what is, and what can be said to be possible will need to be made clear as choices to me or I will not be apart of a a future without opportunity. I will not be apart of this community were such injustice is allowed and encouraged. I can only refuse to listen to cries of help and cries of need nor greed when my voice needs to be heard for me to ever imagine that there is a place for me in the future here at all ~ no one should suffer from such horrible injustice, such deplorable examples of defamation of character, and a planned future without anything but greater liability to substantiate the slanderous attacks of my character by people whose goals are predicated on securing and concentrating greater power and wealth in the community.

    Such a sense of disgrace, yet more important a sense of indignity that my community, my state in my own country fails to ever see me as anything other than, An Enemy of the People (“An Enemy of the People” is an 1882 play by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen [Wikipedia]). I am not your enemy. I am not the enemy who has chosen to see the world as a need to attack anyone, but quite to the contrary.

    I have done no wrong. And nothin I have done might ever equal what is becoming my reputation to insufferably be mine to only contend for and to win the battle to prove that I am able to understand gallantry and that it is here in my community, or not is the only issue a this time.

    My need to assert and prove that I am a man of pride and dignity is truly only the result of paranoia and fear created by ongoing fear-mongering that has been used as a weapon against me in my own community here in West Seattle – to the disrepute of all involved (I should hope). Yet, my own lack of a future is still in question …… The learning moments for all others aside, I am left without a story other than to contend with the years of ongoing fear mongering, the slanderous defamation of my character, and the labels that depict me as an enemy of the people, more than not.

    Where is the lesson to be found for me? Where is the gallantry to be seen or heard when so much has been done and nothing accomplished for me to see, nor plan to? I have only my voice now and my presence here and there to has a my plans to make more and to see myself as accomplishing more from my futile future than might be planned or expected continues. Not much more to add, to have to say, nor see – a need for justice, a need for action, and a need for peace to be restored to my life or I will not plan to stay here much longer. No one, anywhere in the world should have to suffer the indignity and disgrace of seeing slanderous societies winning the day by limiting our expectations all the while lowering our standards, of having tranny and abuse of power come before justice and order, nor of the rules of mobs and mobsters being those called the most gallant to know and live by!

    Chose what is fair, do what is right and be the respectable person in your own equation ~ try being someone who helps to hear the voices of the community instead of trying to mute other people. To mute others and control the voices around oneself in that way is not separating the chaff from the seed, it is instead creating an instrument of desire from a chorus in the community.

    Thank You ~


    Michael Waldo

    I tried reading your post but it is way to long for a blog post. I got bored. And I really had no idea of the point.


    2 Much Whine

    Looks like a manifesto to me. Perhaps SB5027 is in order?


    T Rex

    I’m either reading something from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves or I need a Martini. Where is my shaker?

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