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    Thank you WSB! Your constant 27 / 7 reporting has eased the burden of local landfills of old fashioned weekly rags.


    The ability to look at the WSB at any hour of the day and determine the purpose of a helicopter / or other activity is fantastic!


    Your news stories are great! And so are your human interest stories! Keep up your great work!


    Best wishes for a very successful 2013 !!

    The West Seattle Blog rocks! And always will !l



    I agree, Kevin!

    And, at first I thought 27/7 was a typo, then I remembered, WSB actually does provide service to the community 27 hours per day!




    Thanks for the kind words. Just spotted this while reviewing the administrative-view bucket o’posts for spam … I’m not sure if the spammers have all gone on post-Christmas holiday or our new tech team is making headway or both. It’s been another big year and we’re excited about this one too. – TR

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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