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    He drives a Rolls, which actually appreciate in value as they get older!



    dobro-before the change in car tab prices in Washington I paid close to $200 a year in tabs. Same car now costs under $60 each year. Ironically my tabs would probably cost less at this point under the old tab pricing, they cost less as the car aged!



    i have a confession to make…

    i am still p’d at move-on too

    so i won’t post a link to their campaigns yet..

    i know i know… some will say sour grapes…

    but a boycott is a boycott…

    though this one is only partial

    i won’t give them money

    and i won’t promote them politically

    except that i am every time i post one of their campaigns to facebook:(

    So.. for those of you who are interested in doing something about this very real problem… you can find a current local campaign for advocating campaign finance reform on and it looked worth checking out.

    as an organization.. move-on has more political weight than some simply because of the enormous number of people on their mailing list.

    i don’t know how you get off once you are on it.. even very pointed letters didn’t accomplish that for me… though as time goes by i bristle less at their daily invasion of my mailbox.

    i will rethink my partial not very successful boycott.

    perhaps i will have to settle for not giving them money.

    i won’t give them money.

    rewarding hubris with cash only creates more hubris.

    but.. in the long run.. what’s a girl with principles

    and limited energy to do???



    Public protest against unlimited corporate campaign donations …

    When: Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2010, at 5:00 PM

    Where: Cal Anderson Park (in Seattle)



    I have the email address for most of the top executives of Target and BestBuy and am working on the other corporations involved. If anyone wants them their yours. I can post them directly here if you wish then you can just copy them and paste into your email address window. KML



    can you link to them?

    i wouldn’t mind doing an email campaign

    i think they work..



    We heard on Saturday about a protest inside the local Target store, not till afterward though and couldn’t verify, so we didn’t write about it – but tonight a video has been produced and is making its way around the interwebs. Just published on the home page.



    awesome!! Makes people think about where they put their money. People say to vote..yeah..that’s great but spending your dollars is also voting. Vote for local businesses and support our local economy.



    that protest targets Target’s prime demographic at one of their peak home goods shopping windows…

    Well done!

Viewing 9 posts - 26 through 34 (of 34 total)
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