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    Hi, I really hate to write this post but my wife and I have been priced out of our current home by the realty group that bought it from the original owners and have had to find a new lease. Sadly, the only lease we were able to actually sign does not allow cats (which we didn’t find out about until recently) and now we are frantically trying to find a good home for our kitty “Puck”.

    He is completely up to date on his vaccinations, is NOT declawed (We would never do that to a cat, we just keep his nails trim and he has never clawed at our furniture or any people or animals) was fixed as soon as the vet would allow it (he doesn’t spray), is very shy around people but loves dogs and is just a sweet rescue cat who needs a home we sadly cannot provide for him anymore.

    We have a three tiered cat tree, several months worth of food, several months worth of litter and an automated litter tray for him and are MORE than willing to help pay to offset any costs for checkups, food and litter for the first year to any family or individual who wants to bring an awesome, fuzzy friend into their life.

    We do not in any way want to take him to a shelter or anything of the sort so if any of you are interested or know anyone who is interested, please reply to this thread as I will be checking it repeatedly every day.

    Again, I’m sorry to be asking this of all of you as I feel terrible over it but any help with finding our beloved Puck a new long term home would be incredibly appreciated.

    Thanks everyone



    Do you know how he is around other cats?



    We adopted him from Kitty Harbor where he was always around other cats and never had to be separated from them.

    He has been around two other cats since we adopted him and he was afraid of both of them at first but was able to interact & even play with them (chasing each other back and forth, no hissing, no folding his ears back, no hair raised or anything similar) after 3-4 days. He never attacked my brother in law’s female who was coming onto “his turf” and has never struck out at our friend’s pets. We just had a test visit at our neighbor’s home with him in an alpha-male scenario and they got along pretty well. Puck was skittish and wanted to find a safe zone because he was out of his element but there was nothing aggressive. He’s just really shy.



    Would you be willing to provide an email address so I can contact you? I would love to see a picture. Thank you



    Absolutely! It’s Jessep242–@–gmail

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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