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    We recently noticed some noises coming for our third floor bathroom vent and have since been woken up daily by what sounds like a bunch of turkeys living in there. :)

    Any thoughts about how to humanely and responsibly handle this? I’m guessing we are not the first to come across this situation so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



    When I had this happen I first tried noise (tapping and then a radio) and then I got some incense sticks and smoked them out. The latter did the trick. They decamped and never came back.



    Install bird netting over your vent access – this should do the trick and prevent repeat offenders. There are a number of websites with info on this – just google bird/pest control…



    If the sounds you are hearing are baby birds along with adults, you might want to let them finish growing up before taking any action. It’s been my experience (although I’m not a bird expert) that after the babies learn to fly, the entire bird family will abandon the nest. Then, you could try covering the vent with hardware cloth (metal mesh) so that other birds don’t try to nest there again.

    Once the nest is established, the majority of any “damage” is done; your vent is probably full of twigs, straw, etc., but the nest is probably not doing any additional harm to your home.

    We had a bird family living under our eaves one year. Had a great view from the window of their comings & goings. It was like having temporary pets. :)

    Once they flew away, we removed the nest & discovered that they hadn’t really done any damage. These were small birds, sparrows, so if you indeed have turkeys nesting in your vent or other large birds, you may want to disregard my advice… :)



    All vents should be covered to prevent rat infestation. Take if from one who has experienced that and know you do not want it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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