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    Hey all, I posted a lengthy post last night about being followed around Lincoln Park after coming across a man on one of the more informal wooden paths near the N end of the main parking lot. For some reason that has disappeared, but wanted to get the word and images out that this man that followed me and my dog for a solid 30 minutes, approached me several times after I asked him what he was doing and to back off and quit following me. The end result being he followed me out of the park to my car, got aggressive, and tried to jot down my license plate as I was on the phone with police at that point. Almost the entire time he was trying to film me, and was talking quietly on a set of headphones in Spanish, when he wasn’t asking me what I was looking for, what I was doing in the woods, etc.. I’m reposting so that there are photos available of this person. Someone to watch out for, and not your standard homeless camper or someone too high to know whats going on (I generally find them to be pretty harmless/not interested in bothering me and vice versa).

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