STILL NEED 10×10 Canopy for West Seattle Fest!!!

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    If you know someone who has one to loan or sell for cheap, or can recommend best place to buy, I need the QUICKSHADE or EZ-UP style all-in-one shade canopy to use July 12-15 for the street faire. All leads most appreciated!






    I thought you could rent those from the junction association?



    Have you tried Freecycle?



    The Junction Association charges $200 to rent a canopy for the weekend, which is more expensive than buying one.

    I’d check with some of the local non-profits to see if they have one you can borrow. Most have one already and may not be tabling at the event.


    Thanks for the suggestions. I will check with non-profits; had not thought of that. So far, $99 seems to be the price, retail.


    HMC Rich

    I have seen them at Big 5, during the right season at Home Depot. Outdoor Emporium on 4th Ave may have some also if you have to purchase one.



    He Margaret,

    Are you still looking for a canopy? We just bought a 10 by 10 canopy-would you like to rent ours? We live in the Arbor Height area. Let me know


    happy hour

    Yikes I can’t believe Margaret has not looked at this yet!!!



    Hi Margaret, I’m just home from being out of town, and I would have one you can use if you don’t take sistah up on her offer. Let me know



    Thanks again everyone for brainstorming ideas for me. I did a lot of shopping around and also asked quite a few nonprofits about borrowing their equipment. Sistah, thanks for the offer of the rental. It got down to the wire and I had decided to purchase a reconditioned model that has removable sides for$100from Craigslist tomorrow. I really don’t have the cash to spend though, so if I can connect with you Cindi in the morning that would be great! Leave me a msg before noon at and let me know details. I can come by for it tomorrow. THANK YOU ALL.


    RESOLVED, and THANK YOU WSEA!! Come visit me at Booth 18, Obama Mama Apparel, accross from Yummy Teriyaki and Curious Kidstuff!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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