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    This week’s SWiWS is brought to you by Celeste. But just because this is an alcohol-themed game, don’t go getting the wrong idea, ‘kay?

    Celeste is a good girl.



    I know where this is! In the alley off of Graham street. Kind of ish behindish O’Neill Plumbing. I love their booze fence!



    Wrong, HelperMonkey! It’s not just a “booze fence.”

    It’s the HelperMonkey Memorial Monument.

    HM, in future, please consider yourself disqualified in advance from any SWiWS that has even the faintest whiff of spirits about it.

    I kid the Monkey! Have a bottle of Red Stripe on me, dude. —If you can still afford it after one of those gold-plated martinis.

    You’re a simian and a scholar!


    where is the “like” button for this photo set? Damn this new Facebook.



    i LOVE this. How does this work? It doesn’t look like they are held in place by anything. (I am looking at it from an iPhone) guess I know what I am doing tomorrow… going to look for this fence. God knows I could build one around my property in no time. :-) I love “recycling” …really I do!



    I got inspired by this fence to try something similar at home on my own fence, but sadly it just ended up looking like some frat boys lived there as they were just going up a little at a time, and some fell down in the wind. I ended up recycling that idea.

    great SWiWS this time, thanks DP and Celeste!



    Haha! This is our fence! It is a labor of love to keep modifying it to deal with weather (wind, freezes). The saga can be found on my blog:



    @fishgirl…I’m truly inspired by your blog. Someday I too will have chickens. Until then I will live thru your experiences. Also, your ollas are beautiful and so educational. Looking forward to more posts.



    That is a riot!



    it turns out the bottle fence isn’t’ the only interesting project you have taken on

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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