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    <i>Blowhard</i> very funny too! Obviously you’ve got wind on yr mind.



    make thatBlowhard




    you know what I mean



    Jan –

    No worry about the job. I decided two months ago to move forward with self-employment, so the timing is perfect.

    And I love the cold, rainy, windy weather because I can walk with the dog on the beach at night and not worry about being bothered.



    well, welcome to the wonderful world of the self-employed. I’ve done it for over 13 years now. And I work at home…great commute. Good luck with it :)



    Keith, I’m with you – after being out of power for 5 days in the big windstorm last year (and living at home in about 42 degrees that whole time), anytime the wind gets crazy, I get a little scared. Fortunately I’m not living in the same place and so far the power has not gone out (although our back fence did break into pieces and now my landlord’s got something to fix). I’m up in Canada right now, but midweek when I was in downtown Seattle, I was nearly blown off my feet. I’m a person of considerable weight, so for me to be afraid to take a foot off the ground because I might blow away, well, that’s scary. At one point the wind was behind my back and I could feel as if I was being pushed along by it, at a faster pace than I could safely walk, and it was a miracle I wasn’t thrown over. I was hoping it would be done by the time I got home Sunday night.



    let’s all hope the relentless wind is done. I woke to a sound filled with fog… it was peaceful and quiet.

    i have happy dogs, a happy husband and i actually enjoyed those morning sips of tea as i gazed out into a world that ended at my back fence.


    cinnamon.. no one expects you to have the same opinion as everyone else.. they just expect you to stop giving them (us) a hard time for having ours.

    your last post would have been great without the first paragraph lambasting anyone thoughtless enough to have another opinion and voice it somewhere where you could actually see it.

    for pete’s sakes.. this is the weather. It’s supposed to be a safe topic in any culture. And this is supposed to be a safe place to voice any opinion… without being trashed for it.

    did you realize that the person you told you could read anything you wanted to after they politely suggested that you not read threads that seemed to upset you was the webmaster? This is their playground, you know. We are all guests here.

    Take a deep breath and ask yourself if you are acting or reacting next time you sit down to your keyboard… You’ll enjoy the conversation a lot more that way… and so will we. You have some very interesting things to say when you just say them.



    I breathe just fine, thank you very much!! But to read one after the other people whining about the wind or rain, come on! EDnjoy it people to spend more time with your friends and family, being inside can be a very fun time if you gie it a try.

    As for trashing people, I have come across people coming down hard on me when I try to express my opinion and just because I do not think as them I am wrong? I think not!

    You all need to relax and enjoy the weather for what it is.

    I feel that NewResident was right it feels like High School all over again with the attitudes here.



    As a Western Washington native I love the rain, and gray skies, and even yes, the wind. As long as the power stays on I’m loving the winter.

    Cinnamon, I think you need to realize there is a long tradition the world over that the topic of the weather is a way to vent and complain. It’s a standard conversation you can have with co-workers, strangers and family to grouse about the heat, or the rain, or the wind. It doesn’t mean no one realizes we are lucky, or that there are tragedies elsewhere.



    cinnamon… i tried the nice grandmother thing… so.. one last time..

    your assumption that those of who don’t like the wind just don’t want to be inside is insulting.

    Your assumption that all of us have the physical stamina to walk outside in the kind of wind we have been having.. or the resources to drive.. or have someone else run errands for us.. is insulting.

    Your lack of sensitivity to people with sleep disorders who find what little sleep they can get disrupted by the constant banging of things flying in the wind is insulting.

    your lack of sensitivity to other living creatures who are affected by this wind is insulting.

    your lack of awareness of the damage that wind can do to structures which have to be repaired by people who may not have time, ability or resources to repair them is insulting.

    your lack of tolerance for other people’s opinions.. on even so trivial a matter as the wind.. is insulting.

    i could go on.. but that will probably do it for this thread.

    Direct.. to the point.. and the very last thing i have to say on this matter.

    However, where the wind is concerned, i may still say a lot since i am one of those people who are frailer than most… have animals who have been affected by the wind… have a sleep disorder… is anxiously watching the health of my back fence since the ability of my dogs to go outside depends upon in… has no milk, eggs or bread in the house this morning because i couldn’t face the wind and rain last night… etc…

    Do i make my point?

    If i, or anyone else here wants to commiserate about the wind for whatever reason.. we have a perfect right to do so.

    And if you can’t play nice… I will just stop talking to you.





    A contributor to an online discussion whose purpose in posting is primarily is to generate intense debate, often with intentionally inflammatory rhetoric. Troll literally “troll,” a form of fishing, for reaction from contributors to the forum with the intention of stimulating a flamewar.


    For those interested in the psychology behind trolling, Flaming: The Relationship Between Social Context Cues and Uninhibited Verbal Behavior in Computer-mediated Communication.

    @JoB: looking forward to meeting you at the next Anti-Freeze. When would that be happening, btw? :)



    p.s. markup code does NOT require backticks…



    hopey.. there are a group of us older antifreezers meeting at Skylark tomorrow at 10:30 PM and there is an open invitation there…but i also think we should set up another regular antifreeze get together next weekend maybe…

    and i don’t think the wind will stop us:)



    Besides Cinnamon, you already know what this thread is about. If you don’t want to “read one after the other people whining about the wind or rain” then stop coming back to this post.

    It seems that maybe you are just looking for something to complain about and I, for one, am not interested in listening to your rants.



    @JoB: 10:30pm? You old fogies stay up late! ;)



    Cinnamon, I’m pretty convinced you’re a troll, but assuming for a moment you’re not…

    Can you see the difference between posting:

    “I love the wind and rain. The kids and I just have fun inside.”


    “You all should enjoy the wind and rain and stop complaining. Or else move somewhere else!”

    One expresses how you deal with it, which is cool. The other dismisses someone else’s perfectly valid feelings and thoughts on it, which is not cool.

    I personally hate the wind. I am petite and I get cold easily; the wind makes this worse. I also have fine hair that blows a lot in the wind, which is annoying, because it loses whatever style I have coaxed it into that day.



    hopey…10:30AM…brunch :)



    1) JoB, you are my kind of grandmother. Sometimes you have to be more direct if being nice doesn’t do it.

    2) Hopey, you ROCK with those links. There have been many occasions, where I’ve thought “don’t feed the troll” (by responding, because there is something that they “get out of it” by baiting the response). It’s not just the persona per se (love ya TheHouse), but something in your gut tells you things aren’t right…anyone else remember a request for donations – “just give me the information because our teacher isn’t comfortable with computers” – huh??? Listen to the inner voice.




    Jan!…………’re speechless!



    OK, may I suggest a third way:

    Try bringing to mind a song lyric that expresses where one is at with the weather.

    Like last Friday, struggling up Fourth against the building accelerated breeze and rain stinging my eyes: Crosby Stills Nash “Cold Rain”:

    “Cold rain down on my face, buses hurry on,

    Work’s out, here comes the race,

    People heading home.”

    Or the Grateful Dead’s “Cold Rain and Snow”:

    “Well I married me a wife, shes been trouble all my life, Run me out in the cold rain and snow

    Rain and snow, run me out in the cold rain and snow.”

    Or Gordon Lightfoot’s “In the Early Morning Rain…”:

    “In the early mornin’ rain, With a dollar in my hand, And an aching in my heart, And my pockets full of sand, I’m a long ways from home, And I missed my loved one so, In the early mornin’ rain, With no place to go”

    You get the picture. I am a weather foamer, but even I find our winter weather a challenge, but we put up with this weather because a Seattle summer is so fine (well, if it happens…). No, I am not leaving anytime soon just because I want to vent. It is so odd when a friend in SoCal calls and says “The full moon looks so lovely over the harbor” and my response is: “Oh, the moon is full?…I haven’t seen it recently…”



    jaydee… “It is so odd when a friend in SoCal calls and says “The full moon looks so lovely over the harbor” and my response is: “Oh, the moon is full?…I haven’t seen it recently…”

    but when you do it’s a real heart stopper. isn’t it.

    hopey.. us old folks sometimes don’t know day from night. jan is right.. it’s AM



    Who’s walkin’ down the streets of the city

    Smilin’ at everybody she sees

    Who’s reaching out to capture a rainbow

    Everyone knows it’s Windy!



    JayDee….I keep thinking of “Hard Rain Gonna Fall” :)



    Gee, I thought “troll” too and then thought, “Nah…who would bother trolling a discussion about seattle weather.”

    OK, Come to Skylark at 10:30 Sunday morning and then, if you want, stay ’til 10:30 p.m. It’s been known to happen — the Bob and I are looking forward to meeting you all.

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