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    I mean hey, we get the short end of the stick on everything.

    The city spent how much to build Paul Allen his choo-choo train, we got squat. Roxbury is falling apart. It has the second largest volume of traffic in and out of West Seattle next to the Bridge. I am sure everyone has a beef with Seattle not taking care of us. Whats yours?

    We can manage ourselves and “our” issues much better than waiting for Seattle.

    Anyone with me?



    if it means we get a new mayor.. i am all for it:)



    Sounds great in idea, but i believe it is really very difficult to actually happen. My sister who lives in W.Valley in Yakima has been advicating to become there own city for at least six years (maybe more…) and it is not that easy because we would need our own fire department, police department, city hall etc… I could try to find out more info from her if you would like.




    Do you think we could get our own West Seattle flag?

    That might be a nice touch.


    I was thinking in a more “pirate” way. Lets take what we need. Seattle has taken from us for a long time with out giving us anything back.



    But would we be required to *WEAR* the flag on our lapels? If yes, could it please be purple and orange (so it won’t clash with every other thing I wear?)



    hellz yeah! i am all for secession! we might as well, anyway, since the “mainstream media” doesn’t even know we exist…

    when Jim McDermott is thru in the other Washington, I propose we elect him Mayor of West Seattle.



    Well then, we evidently shall have a purple and orange flag.

    Now, perhaps some one creative could come up with a perky, pithy sea chanty to sing whilst we pirate about our home sweet home.




    In the late sixties.. i lived in a portion of Portland called St Johns… which was actually cut off from the main body of Portland by both railroad bridges and a bridge over the Willamette..

    There was serious talk that come the revolution.. all we had to do was blow the bridges and hunker down in safety:)



    look at my tongue is in it…but…3 bridges and we’re good to go – lol



    (lest someone takes us literally, and thinks we’re gonna become WS “terrorists” – lol)




    yes.. i can just see it..

    us with our shopping carts full of tnt.. pushing them like bag ladies onto the bridge…

    what is wrong with this picture ????

    oh yes.. your hospital is on the other side:)

    and it will be some time before you can walk that far… and i can only in my dreams…




    WS has always been on the short end of the stick. A tongue in cheek petition was posted in the junction a few years ago and gathered an embarrassingly high number of signatures in a few days! Most of the ire was directed at the Spokane St nightmare. We had passed a bond issue to put up money for a new bridge and the city ignored it saying that it wasn’t enough to even “study” it. We lost a police precinct and fire station in the junction when the city needed the money for something else. In fact, the petition proposal was pretty well thought out. The dividing line would be the Duwamish River and all of that commercial property would easily support a WS government. We could even contract police and fire services from adjoining communities until we had our own. The city took it seriously and it generated a lot of worry for the city council. Before anything could happen, the bridge was struck and the north span was damaged.

    Senator Magnusson came to the rescue by passing a special budget item in Congress to build the present bridge and the idea withered. It’s passage BTW was a navigation issue and was easily passed (nobody messed with Maggie).



    and where’s Charlie Chong when we need him…in a sort of “history repeating itself” article…here’s a paragraph from something written in 1996..

    “In Seattle, for instance, you can hear an eerie redux of the arguments made by San Fernando Valley homeowners. Middle- and upper-income residents of the affluent, mostly white suburb of West Seattle feel they are being neglected by the city government. “We don’t see the investment in our area that we see downtown,” complains Charlie Chong, a leader of the movement. Secessionists in West Seattle complain they pay more in taxes than they receive in services and worry about development ruining West Seattle’s character. In 1994, the city published a land-use plan that would have allowed an increase in low-income housing in West Seattle. Residents threatened to secede, arguing that if they had control over land-use decisions, they would plan for lower density, more libraries and increased police protection.”



    I was beginning to think, “This would not be a bad idea” and then after reading some of the comments here I am absolutely opposed to the idea.

    Comments were funny though.



    Why am I having visions of Lord of the Flies…



    Maybe we could keep our SPD precinct, which seems to be pretty efficient lately, and our competent firemen, but have a flag anyway? I don’t know about purple and orange, Charlabob – if it faded, might people mistake it for purple and gold? How about light purple with a brown baby seal in the middle?


    “Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall through the air of the true, wise friend called Piggy.”

    – William Golding, Lord of the Flies, Chapter 12

    Damn, I am going to have to read it again. I love that book.



    KatherineL, that’s a great idea to have a baby seal be our symbol. I love it.



    Don’t forget library service. The items in the libraries belong to the City of Seattle. As does the land and the buildings.



    yesyesyes, let’s do it, and we can get a troll – but better than fremont’s!



    thelmasue…depending on what thread you read here, we may already have a troll – lol…



    Um, I lived in Boston back then — we called this pork:

    “Senator Magnusson came to the rescue by passing a special budget item in Congress to build the present bridge and the idea withered. It’s passage BTW was a navigation issue and was easily passed (nobody messed with Maggie).”

    OTOH, the widened bridge Senator Tsongas got for us, to make the Concord battle reenactments safer, was called a public necessity. :-)

    Nope, Katherine, we’ll just have to get fadeproof orange — I am reasonable, however; an orange seal would be wonderful. How about we get the graffiti artist who did the cats on admiral to make stylized seals?

    Otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll have to break away from the new Province of Wester Seattle (POWs) and revolt. I’m sure I can be revolting if I put my mind to it.

    (I know JenV — now I owe you two keyboards and a set of washable keycaps — I don’t think this was funny enough to earn a third keyboard.)



    hahahahaha! :-)


    This was a kinda a joke thread. I love W.S. but the city has me peeved. The city throws money sacks at Paul Allen to develop S.Lake Union. Now they are talking about building him a new Mercer onramp to make it easier to get into and out of S.L.U.

    The city told me they dont want to spend money on fixing Roxbury because it is the border between Seattle and King Co. So basically we down here get nada.

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