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    I’m looking for a place to get shellac nails done for my hands. The last two times I’ve gotten them they lasted less than 10 days, but I’m thinking it has more to do with me and how often I’m washing my hands, cleaning, etc … I’d appreciate any recommendations. Thank you.


    Wes C. Addle

    My other half finds the most consistent Shellac at Seasons next to Fresh Bisto in the Alaska Junction.



    I’m definitely curious where people are getting good shellac manis at. Everywhere I’ve gone in WS it only lasts a week tops. My nails grow fast but they definitely should not lift of in whole nail sized pieces when done professionally. I gave up and for $35 got a kit with a light and several colors when they had one at Costco a few seasons ago. Less than the cost of another salon fail. I even went to a higher end salon up in Admiral and had a whole chunk come off the next day in transit to my vacation. Was especially irritated by that one and called them, oh whoops our polish was old we’ll fix it if you come in today… Too late already out of town.



    Its not WS, I’ve been going to a salon not far from my office in SLU. Its at Eastlake and Louisa St. Eastlake Nail spa. I’ve had shallacs done there prior to trips and they have lasted 2 -3 weeks. I’ve got slow growing nails.



    I go to Cat at Shanti Salon in Admiral. They always last at least 2 weeks.



    I’ve been going to California Nails for several years. Shellac always last at least 2 weeks.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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