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    My son is a big donut fan…even loves Safeway donuts. I’m wondering if anyone has tried Golden House Bakery and Donuts?



    Where is this located? I recently found mighty-o doughnuts. When ever I go up to the freemont area I go to there store.



    I would kill for a Top Pot here in Westside. I know you can get them at some Starbucks, but I’m a sucker for the Bavarian Cream, which I never see.

    My question – where is the best doughnut in West Seattle? Or even a mediocre doughnut? Okay, not safeway or 7-11. Muffins and cupcakes need not apply.



    I have heard three recommendations for Dona Queen on 4th and Lander – ish. SODO area – I have yet to try it out, but it’s enjoying a great word of mouth reputation…



    ok, the “burger” link doesn’t work – lol…but there are pictures on the “donut” link…and the deli link has some really interesting things on it…miso soup….bulgogi…garlic chicken…mmmmmm

    jelly filled, cream filled, lemon filled…yummmmmm

    The coupon page is really out of date – lol…

    it’s right next to Arby’s on 4th….I may have to pay them a visit, venture off the island – lol…



    This place has amazing donuts. It is a little hard to get into on the weekends, because the place is packed. Everything in the case is fresh, but you can also ask what is fresh in the back. If you have never had a hot apple fritter, you’re missing a true joy in life.

    AS far as top pot goes, I think they are just over priced, plain ol donuts. Lets be honest here, there is only so high you can take the common donut. You can take it in a different direction, like Mighty O has done with their vegan creations, but at the end of the day, it is still just a donut.

    Just to address a previous topic on ameture vs pro food reviews, I have some knowledge on this topic. I am a fat guy, that before opening an ice cream shop, was a carpenter, and a proffesional fisherman, I know my donuts. I have had Krispy Kreme’s Safeway, 7-11, Duncan(I wish one was local), and almost every little shop in the area. Southern California, has a much better selection of mom and pop donutarias than the North West, but there are a few here that can measure up. That little shop in white center makes a mean donut. DO not get there at 3 in the afternoon, and expect a great donut. These things have a really short shelf life, and if you can not get your lazy ass out of bed before noon, maybe you should stick to bagels. Good luck finding a decent one of those in the area though.

    I have not tried it, but I have heard they make this amazing chicken and rice soup, buit only on weekends. Maybe that will be my next White Center Now write up.



    Let us not forget “The Original Bakery” They turn out a good selection of doughnuts and pastries.



    It was all about the cupcakes for a few years but I think things are now migrating back to the doughnut. If you doughnut lovers ever make it out to New York City you should get yourselves down to The Doughnut Plant on the Lower East Side and try Mark Isreal’s doughnuts.



    They are made with his grandfather’s 1930’s recipe and they taste like no other doughnut you have ever had. Light, yeasty, risen and with all manner of delicious flavors: Tres Leches, Vanilla Bean, Peanut Butter Glaze with Strawberry jelly filling, Valrhona chocolate, creme brulee, hazelnut. Delicious! Well worth the trip down to Grand Street.



    maybe you should stick to bagels

    Come to that, I’ve been trying to find a decent bagel in Seattle for 13 years and keep coming up short. That bagel shop in Pike Place isn’t bad, and there’s a coffee shop in the U District that does okay, but I’m starting to think that I’ll have to get them drop-shipped from New York, or something. Are there no good bagels west of the Mississippi? Please tell me about that little shop I’ve been missing that does ’em proper.


    DonaQueen RULES! that is all.



    Re: bagels- Bagel oasis was pretty good bagels back before whatever happened to fremont happened to fremont. I have not been to bagel oasis since they moved to ravenna though.

    Re: donuts- I want to like donuts, they seem like such a good idea. I mean, I like cake, but donuts just never do it for me. I even think I used to like donuts. I don’t know what happened. I’ve always wondered though, why are donuts an acceptable breakfast food but stuff like cookies or s’mores are not? If I showed up at work mowing down on a big ol chunk of birthday cake at 8 am I’d get some looks, but a couple jelly filled donuts is perfectly ok. Weird.



    I’ll second the Original Bakery down by Endolyne’s.

    They make an excellent no-frills donut.



    I am still looking for a really well done old fashioned cake donut…

    no glazing.. no frills…

    and a really good New York style bagel would be a bonus beyond imagining…



    I think DonaQueen has mediocre donuts at best. I used to love Top Pot, but that was years ago before they ended up in Starbucks. Honestly, I love the munchkins at Dunkin Donuts, but that’s probably b/c you can’t get them west of the Mississippi so they’re a treat. Krispy Kreme makes a great chocolate cake donut. And I dig Safeway donuts over QFC, especially the chocolate frosted with sprinkles. Light and airy, but best fresh out of the oven of course. I’m going to check out Voodoo Donuts in Portland next time I’m there b/c I hear they’re great, but I’ll have to judge for myself.



    I know exactly why I don’t like donuts: I worked the Sunday morning shift at a bakery in high school. There were two churches within a few blocks of the bakery, and my shift covered just after morning services for both of them. Lines out the door for over an hour, full of people wanting donuts. Too much of a good thing.



    ahhh…bagels…there used to be a place where Abbondanza is now called Pacific Bagel…downright yummy bagels…and they had yummy bagel sammiches, too. Had many , many of them, as the daughter worked there when she was a teenager. I miss the place (my caboose doesn’t – lol)

    Zatz A Better Bagel is not a NY bagel..they’re good in their own right, but way to airy, fluffy for me…I like my bagels denser..



    CMP – My bro used to deliver VooDoo donuts in Portland and I’d get to sample them when I would visit. The best I could describe them would be: fun in their uniqueness.

    Hope you enjoy them!



    Oh, datamuse… I relate, except that’s similar to what happened with me and coffee. I was around it so much working as a barista that I always smelled like coffee and steamed milk. No, it’s not a good thing after a while. Plus, I worked the opening shift frequently, so I lived off espresso until 1 pm or so; now I can only have the tiniest amount of coffee without feeling sick.

    I have nothing to contribute to the donut conversation; never been much of a fan. *duck and run*



    OT, but you guys are bringing me back!

    I haven’t had donuts in years but you all have me reminiscing about my Ellensburg days where we’re party all night and then get warm, fresh donuts at 4:30 am when the donut shop opened.

    Doesn’t get much better than that.



    Re: Bagels

    Try Roxy’s Diner in Fremont, where Oasis Bagels used to be. Their bagels are fantastic. They also have all kinds of New York deli treats including egg creams (only so-so, but there), white fish, and latkas.

    Locally, PCC’s bagels are actually quite good. Much better than Zatz’s (or at least more traditional). I especially enjoy the everything & poppys.



    NewResident: You’re right on the money. The only thing that made VooDoo’s doughnuts interesting was the crazy toppings. The one I liked best was the maple bacon bar (maple frosting with bacon on top):



    cj: Lol! Sure to be a HUGE hit with the bacon-loving folks here!



    that one turns out to be tasty too….


    Krispy Kreme blows. If I wanted a puffed up air pillow with weak sugar coating, maybe.

    I still stand by DonaQueen and am willing to wrestle anyone that says different.

    Are we going to have to have a blind taste test for the next WS Meet and Greet??




    i agree with you… they aren’t good donuts.

    yet if i buy a dozen of those they could be gone before i get out of the driveway:(

    i don’t know why i find them so addictive.. but i really can’t eat just one.

    easy solution:) i just don’t go there.

    i like the idea of a donut blind taste test for the next WSB meet and greet:)))

    i know hubby would volunteer.

    i now take my chocolate without the donut.

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