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    They know how to be totally out of it by May 1st don’t they? In that regards, I have thought of two Haikus for them. They fired five managers since Lou left and Wedge will be gone soon. It will be the 9th year no playoffs, and a real shot of losing another hundred games. That’s Chuck’s and Howie’s legacy.

    Mariners are toast,

    for two thousand eleven,

    no playoffs again.

    Lincoln and Armstrong,

    the two worst in the business,

    stick a fork in them



    Jiggers, I’m not even a fan, but I appreciate seeing your poetic side.


    I liked them until I figured out they have become farm team for the Yankees.



    I really do think Wedge will get a bit more than two weeks before they start pushing him out the door. If you went into this season expecting much, you were expecting too much.

    Looking at the farm system and the REAL talent they have at the ML level, I don’t feel they are too far away. We’ll see some of the better young players arrive throughout the season, and I think next season we will see a significant uptick in performance.

    They wasted far too many years with the “rebuilding on the fly” philosophy, and Bavasi was an okay GM, except for his evaluation of baseball talent, so I think the ownership is willing to give Z the time to implement his own philosophy, which seems more sustainable.

    Jack Zduriencik is the Barack Obama of GMs, and like our President, he is going to need more than two years to pull us out of our tailspin.

    Patience, Grasshopper.



    Besides, 1-0 games can be a lot of fun!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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