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    It amazes me how fast people will drive through the flashing lights during school zone time. I have even seen then honk at others who are slowing down for it.

    Please tell me you just didnt see the lights flashing instead of you dont really care.

    thinking about videotaping some of the action and posting it.



    That is why I have being fighting so hard for the signage along Roxbury and 30th as well as along SW Barton and getting marked crosswalks with flashing light that now driver. Drivers still pay no attention and speed along. Roxhill no longer has students as crossingguards, it is too dangerous.

    I hope you do post the video.


    i was thinking “YOUR SPEED” radar signs like 35th too. who would we contact?



    Here is the contact information, good luck I found I had to keep calling Brian to let him know I wanted something done in this decade.

    Brian Dougherty

    Safe Routes to School Coordinator

    Seattle Department of Transportation

    700 Fifth Ave, 37th Floor

    PO Box 34996

    Seattle, WA 98124-4996




    I am not normally a person who speeds in school zones (I hate that actually), but sometimes I catch myself going faster than I should in the Roxbury school zones. It’s probably because it’s not in a residential zone and the normal speed limit is 35. So maybe some more signage would help.



    A good friend of mine was hit last year crossing the street from the daycare on the corner of 30th Ave SW & Roxbury, she was crossing with the light in the middle of the crosswalk with her daughter and this jeep crusing down Roxbury heading East that wanted to ruen on 30th plowed into her knocking her down.

    People please start paying attention! If more people of the community would contact Brian Dougherty and complain about his problem maybe we could get more signage for the students and families of the Roxhill Community.



    Todd, just a reminder that you might run into that pesky City/County jurisdiction thingy along there as far as getting a “Your Speed” sign put up.

    But, yeah, definitely go for it, excessively speeding is one of my biggest peeves.

    It’s bad enough for a safety minded, able bodied person to avoid getting run over, but it really frosts me when the speeders put kids and older or mobility challenged at risk.




    We need to get a community meeting together.





    If you need a second shooter, just let me know. Peer pressure can have some positive results. Perhaps if we could get a half dozen shooters?



    Genesee Hill

    Yup, I definitely watch my speed there! That is where I got my only speeding ticket since 1972. I was doing 39 MPH in a 30 MPH zone by the Catholic school. The amber lights were not flashing, no children present, so it was a normal 9 MPH over the speed limit ticket, not the more expensive school zone ticket.

    That was 7 years ago. Though I was PO’d at myself, I looked at the ticket as a “learning experience”, and re-doubled my efforts to follow the rules of the road. Lesson learned, knock on wood!



    I seem to remember the speed limit from Meyers Wy through White Center on Roxbury is 30 mph and the actual school zone is 20mph.



    @ miws!! Thank you!! I broke my ankle and I was having trouble with what to call myself and remain pc at the same time…Mobility challenged!! That’s it! Thank you I think the pain pills are affecting my thinking!!!and just so this isn’t a thread Jack I hate speeders too ESP in school zones .. I live in one and try talking to the officers about more patrol at school time .. It’s a win win if you have lots of offenders…. Kids are safer and the officer gets more tickets..


    i was wondering exactly what streets the school zones start and end. because i got pulled over on 26th st but im pretty sure that is inbetween the 2 school zones if someone could let me know thank you so much.


    Well, I guess it kind of depends on which school zone you were speeding thru.

    There is one for Roxhill Elem. which is approx. before the 76 Station past the school to the Shell Station.

    Then there is the one for Holy Family which is about 18th to 22nd.



    I could easily record but you really do need a device to capture the speed too (or wouldn’t hurt at least). If you setup a date & time, we could easily do this, including myself.



    So Toddinwestwood what have you been able to do about this situation so far?


    Nothing really. I have been off work for 6 weeks, at home laying arund with a broken collar bone. I went back to work last week.

    Rather than shaming the community of WEst SEattle by taping the offenders, I was hoping that by bringing it to light, it might make more people aware of the zones. It has not, people dont give a rats ass. They gotta get where they think they need to be.



    I experienced this this morning on Fauntleroy. What really made me mad was that I was doing the proper speed limit the entire way and had to come to a screeching halt where there was a posted saying that drivers were being watched that day. The other people who were racing down the street would see the sign and then SLAM on their brakes and (I kid you not) do 10 miles an hour the rest of the way. I bet you anything they sped right back up to 40 once they got past that school zone too. Maybe a happy medium? If not the actual speed limit? Think about it, people!



    Toddininwestwood, hope you get better soon! And I know people just do not give a rats ass about speedy through school zones. Another one of my good friends was hit while crossing 30th Ave SW with her 2 kids and the driver just took off and never came back to see if they were ok or not.



    I lived in Gatewood for a few years before moving to Belvidere (Thank God)and drove Roxbury many times at different times of the day. I never once saw a single kid and always wondered if there really was a school or if it was a secret government installation prohibiting breaking news from getting posted on local blogs.



    Get the police to do an Admiral-like sting there (though, not being on an incline, they’d be easier to spot!). It HAS made a difference, though I’m still being tailgated on the bridge. I liked the honking dude today in the red pick-up, license AZ…. Honked, then went around me in one of those frickin’ moves that look like a tango dance step to jump right in front of me, only to be stuck right in front of me the whole way to my exit off the 90. Unsafe and obnoxious. Sorry to jack the thread…the police presence has made a difference on Admiral @9:30 a.m.



    Trisket – LOL! Good one.

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