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    Redblack: Just to clarify one point, the feds don’t need to challenge state laws that decriminalize medical marijuana use, because they can simply go out and enforce the federal drug statutes. Rather than aiming to invalidate a conflicting state law, the feds indict providers or patients on federal drug felonies and put them in prison. That leaves it up to those who are prosecuted to defend a state law that benefits many people with chronic pain and cancer. Unfortunately, it will work this way whether the issue is outright legalization or limited prescription access to marijuana. This is just one more absurd aspect of the issue.


    Thank you to the couple people who saw thru the smoke, and saw the real reason I posted this and why I am angry.

    It was/is nver about the legality of MJ, never about one’s right to feel better when the conventional medical system wont work. It’s about people taking advantage of the system, it’s about the stoners hijacking the legality, (legit users should be outraged, but are not)

    and it’s about a neighborhood that is slowly going down the toilet again after the hard work and effort by many.

    watch this vid, I am not one to judge who is sick and who is not, but it sure says a lot.



    Thanks for the video link TiW. Any idea where it was filmed since supposedly the lounge hasn’t yet opened?



    I’m very confused about the ‘marketing’ aspect he mentions… What are they marketing to each other? Marijuana and related products?

    And it sounds like there will be a ‘farmers market’ where growers come in and can provide product for a donation? Uhhhm…

    I’m sure the video was recorded during the one day it was open early – some special date for marijuana users.



    Yes, they had an event which we covered as did our competition, whose video that is, on 4/20, to celebrate that significant-to-marijuana-users date.

    We have been covering the WC marijuana business scene extensively on our WC site White Center Now (so extensively, I’m thinking it needs its own tag), and in fact, main WC correspondent Deanie Schwarz just discovered another one in the unincorporated area (a bit east of WC but not that far east) and will be posting a short item about that in a bit.

    We also talked with a local legislator about the situation with the bill; look for that story on WSB tomorrow – we have covered so many things today for both WSB and WCN, I am trying to save a couple enterprise things for tomorrow.



    seriously I don’t get why people care so much about the MM patients, weed really is a harmless drug, what’s the big deal? I have friends that are MM users & they are perfectly normal, wonderful people who wouldn’t harm a hair on another person’s body. I would be angry if there were crack houses around that were legal, but MM dispensaries? Heck no. Sheesh, what people do doesn’t have to affect your life, just leave em be & keep your nose in your own biz, makes life more enjoyable when you aren’t worried about everyone else’s problems. ;-)




    the problem with gathering fact based evidence on marijuana pain relief is that it is illegal…

    there is no standardized dose…

    and there is no drug company waiting in the wings to make big bucks off of it…

    but wait..

    there is.

    a drug company has isolated what they think is the pain reducing component of marijuana and will be charging us all big bucks for it just as soon as they can ram it through the fast track Federal drug program…




    all i can say is that i wish it was as easy for chronic pain patients to get a marijuana prescription out of their doctors as it is for your friends to find some quack to write one.




    i watched the video and what i didn’t see was a viable business.

    I don’t think this will last long.

    I don’t know a single chronic pain patient who would think that atmosphere was a good idea for them…

    all you have to do is take one look at the chairs to be certain that toked up or not you are going to hurt like h..l if you spent any time in there.

    and.. it’s smokey. a good number of chronic pain patients develop other issues which make breathing in all that smoke really unhealthy.

    as for the food they mentioned…

    you should go out with a bunch of pain patients.

    it takes a patient waiter to make it though all of the food sensitivities and allergies to find what can be ordered by every diner on any menu.

    whatever they are cooking in the kitchen that day isn’t going to cut it…

    and any bar will tell you there isn’t much to be made off of sodas and coffee and tea and milkshakes…

    so one has to wonder just where that revenue stream will come from.

    from a patient’s perspective.. it doesn’t look like a great idea…

    And if it is a front… it is likely to be a magnet for any DEA agent wanting to make their quota…

    which won’t exactly be good for business.

    so why should i get hopping mad about something that isn’t likely to be around long enough to do much more than generate publicity?



    What about the employees of this “smoke it on site” dispensary…what about the air quality of their work environment. This is nuts…but…maybe it is a way to keep the addicts out of the emergency rooms? Just a thought(don’t jump all over me). This White Center place does not have a medical or clinical look to it at all. There is really no credibility to these facilities.



    Standardization is what I’m talkin’ about. I’m not saying I’d like to hand over yet another windfall to big pharma to monopolize, but I think that if MM is going to be viewed as legitimate then dosing and quality need to be monitored. Neither bongs nor brownies quite meet the criteria, and smoking is a cause of disease, not a cure.

    Todd, thanks for the vid. Very telling indeed.




    anything short of legalization is going to turn another windfall over to big pharma to monopolize…

    and even legalization will turn over a huge windfall to someone to monopolize…

    As for standardization.. our Gov just vetoed that.

    It is very easy to say that smoking causes disease and that brownies are un-standardized

    therefore people whose only relief comes from marijuana shouldn’t have access

    when you are not one of the people whose only relief comes from marijuana.

    when you are..

    or love someone who is…

    their suffering is far more important than any judgements anyone else might make.

    People are literally dieing for want of pain relief.

    Some take the short ride and end their lives by their own hand.

    Some take the long ride stroking out or dieing from heart attacks at an early age due to the stress constant chronic pain puts on their vascular system… not to mention the increased risk from cancer.

    The kind of chronic pain that is not relieved by standard medications is the dirty secret our society is stepping over on it’s way to judgment.

    Next time you see someone who looks perfectly able to you scowling and clenching their jaw on their way out of a chair or outside a grocery

    you should ask yourself if you have just seen someone in so much pain that simple movement is excruciating…

    that’s a lot more possible than you might think.



    Jo, I know it’s possible. I’m not a stranger to pain, I have severe arthritis. Fortunately, a lot of the pain and discomfort is alleviated by Chinese herbal medicine and regular acupuncture. Forcing myself to move also helps – which my job requires anyway. I wonder if weed could be “cooked” like a tea, as in Chinese medicine? Don’t see why not…



    for those who dismiss legal marijuana because they know people who are gaming the system and getting prescriptions…

    you might ask yourself this question…

    how would you like to be in so much pain that you literally want to scream

    and have people treat you like an addict

    because you seek relief?

    May 12 is international recognition day for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome…

    two of the chronic pain groups whose pain is most likely to be under-treated.

    Did you know that about 30% of all patients dealing with serious immune distrubances like Lupus, Rhuematoid Arthritis and Aids will develop fibromyalgia?

    And that it is often left untreated by their physicians because they are busy treating the “more serious” disease?

    Pain is serious.

    It affects your attitude.

    It affects your ability to function.

    It affects your ability to think.

    It puts enormous stress on your vascular system.

    did you know that the best outcome for chronic pain is more likely to be control.. not relief?

    did you know that when central sensitization occurs in chronic pain patients that it doesn’t just impact pain but all sensory experience including sight, hearing, touch, emotions and in extreme cases the body’s reactions to noxious stimuli.. including medications?

    people in pain do grin and bear it..

    with or without medication.

    as our population ages

    the number of people dealing with chronic pain issues will increase…

    it’s way past time we started acknowledging and treating those with chronic pain compassionately..

    instead of assuming they just want to get high

    or don’t take care of themselves.



    Jo, I don’t think you’re hearing most of what folks are saying here. I haven’t read a single post suggesting that people with legitimate medical conditions and chronic pain should not be allowed access to MM. It is establishments such as the lounge in question that make a mockery of this need.




    while i will agree that the video clip of this lounge would seem to indicate that this lounge makes a mockery of the need for pain patients to have access to medical marijauna…

    i am pretty sure it was edited to do so.

    I think the jury is out on whether the idea of a lounge or something similar is such a bad idea.

    Do you remember the theme song to Cheers?

    something about there being a place you could go where everyone would know your name?

    There is no such place in our culture for the disabled or chronic pain patients.

    i don’t personally think this place fits a business model that would be conducive to chronic pain patients having their own version of cheers…

    but i once spent a lot of time and effort trying and failing to create a version of that space.

    While OXO kitchen tools may have moved out of the realm of handicapped tools into the mainstream

    there is still plenty of resistance to acceptance of handicaps… which include pain.



    I just don’t see a correlation between pain, patients, and recreational facilities. In fact, such a facility might even be viewed as discriminatory and therefore, ironically, as being in violation of the ADA.

    I’m messin’ with you now. Sort of. Just a little.



    Wow, I never would have thought a place like this would cause so many people to be angry…

    I am a mm patient, and while I havent went in green piece, I dont see why people are so angry…

    Just say for the sake of argument that 100% of the people in there are “recreational” smokers- or consumers- so? I am quite positive that the percentages of accidents/fights etc caused by alcohol are several times higher than the same incedents caused by people under the influence of mj.

    I am NOT for people driving while under the influence of any substance, be it prescriptions, alcohol or weed. however, as someone who has experienced all three, i can tell you that i am most in control of my judgement when i am under the influence of mj.

    I live just outside white center, and i wouldnt go there alone at night. hell, its scary just to drive through! not because of the people high on weed, its because of all the people under the influence of alcohol and hard drugs.

    the only reason i would go into green piece is just to check it out, and maybe meet some like minded people.

    but if i turned to alcohol, and went to a bar this would be ok ?????

    *scratches head*




    As for lounges like a bar or taverns no no a place where mm patents can get their prescriptions filled yes. Pot laws are old and outdated based on movies from the 1930s called refer madness ring a bell …. The feds have got to come to the 21st century decrimilizing pot would be the first step even for this state until then this is the debate.. prohibiton alcohol days once they legalized it the feds made bank and still are…..



    I am SO late to this party. I wonder why we have special dispenseries for MM if it’s being prescribed by docs. Why isn’t the stuff just distributed through existing pharmacies like most other Rxs? I am for making MM a standard prescribed medication. If it’s effective, and natural, and an alternative to chemlab creations then why not?

    Probably because Big Drugs Inc. doesn’t want it to be legal and will spend billions to make sure it remains marginalized.




    that was a big nail you just hit on the head.






    db it’s because mm is only legal at the state level in several states. The federal government won’t make mm legal so states are currently flaunting the law. That makes it that much harder to legitimize sales through the normal channels of medicine distribution. Chains like RiteAid and Bartell’s aren’t going to risk breaking federal law.

    And you’re probably right that the pharmaceutical industry (as well as the alcohol and tobacco industries) have a vested interest in keeping it illegal. So the only way it’s going to be legalized at the federal level is if enough states disobey the feds that the issue rises to the surface.



    MS, I think you mean flouting the (federal) law.

    Unless you mean the states are flaunting their own Medical Marijuana laws.

    Although, I’d say it’s the booming MM industry that’s doing the flaunting, and not so much the states.

    Thanks for the post, though. Helps put all the pieces together.

    Actually this whole thread has been very educational (at least for me) about Medical Marijuana and the weird legal limbo it’s in right now. So thanks to everyone who’s posted on this.



    If it’s effective, and natural, and an alternative to chemlab creations then why not?

    Probably because Big Drugs Inc. doesn’t want it to be legal and will spend billions to make sure it remains marginalized.

    People may be against pot for a variety of reasons, but — ‘cuz the pharmaceutical industry told me so — is not likely to be one of them.

    Marijuana is in a grey area for a good reason.

    It kills pain. OK.

    So does alcohol.

    So why don’t they give prescriptions for alcohol?

    You could get an alcohol prescription filled at any number of convenient and 100% legal “medication lounges.”

    Also known as bars.

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