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    why is this a problem? it’s strictly for medical marijuana. Anyone who doesn’t have an MMJ card doesn’t get to go in there. I’d rather see this than all the shootings and beatings that used to happen in that location from all the drunks and the crackheads that used to frequent the place. Again, this is for MMJ patients. Generally a lot more mellow and less angry than drunks and crackheads. I am happy to see it there.


    Redacted. I want to see where this goes first.



    Helper monkey

    as far as i know there is no card…

    the governor is afraid the feds will arrest state workers for issuing one…

    or for licensing places like this

    I am in favor of the idea…

    but not so sure about the particulars…



    MMJ cards are not handed out to every toker just for asking. I looked into it. I have two qualifying disabling conditions that involve pain of the type that could be helped by this med. But I am not advanced enough to qualify. I hope I go many years before it is bad enough to ask for a card but I want it to be there when I reach that point.

    I support Hempfest as a member even though I have not been to the festival since the 90s.

    But what is right is more important than what directly benefits me.





    Access to relief from discomfort makes somebody so angry that they can’t see straight? In a location that has formerly supplied alcohol, a known deadly drug, to the community at large? What am I missing here?


    said it before and I will say it again. I am not opposed to people finding relief where they can.

    This is just as bad as a bar. People will come here get stoned, and then leave in their cars. People will come here with guns and violence to try to steal the weed in here. Dont even get me started on how easy it is to get a card and the “ills” that some use to get a card.

    If marijuana is going to be issued as a medicine, then distribute it as a medicine. Not like a opium den.


    Todd- I saw in the 35th/Rox dispensary post you mentioned it should be at Bartell’s and Walgreens and what not if it’s going to be sold, and I think your heart’s in the right place with all that. But those places already get robbed for pills constantly, all over the country. Pills that are ADDICTIVE. Or that are used as precursors for worse drugs. Not only that, but they are corporations. Big ones. Tied in with the massive pharmaceutical industry…so the less we can involve them with ANYTHING the better. Them being corporations means they’d never do it anyway…they have a suburban, family-ish image to protect and would never take pot until it was well established in dispensaries because they wouldn’t want the PR blowback. Which, you’ll note, has nothing to do with the health interests of their customers. You’re just on the wrong side of history with this one and I’m sorry that it frustrates you, but the deals pretty much done. You think there will still be all this legal limbo in three years? Or that it will come again to an outright ban? (And for the record, I don’t really smoke it anymore and never liked it that much. Need my brains…but I’ll have cancer soon enough)


    …And regarding how easy it is to get a card…same deal. I have a dentist that will throw a Vicodin prescription at me so fast I can’t even believe it. As far as I know he’s a fine, upstanding, sober citizen…unlike myself, a walking heresy.



    Prescription drugs and alcohol are worse. You take too many of those and you cannot drive or even talk straight. You can’t overdose on weed.

    No matter how drugs or alcohol are dispensed people are going to get it, if they want it. If they can’t walk in and get it at that store, they will buy in on the sidewalk right outside the store from some guy.

    I personally am more upset with all the junk food places there are that are killing people causing obesity and diabetes. And people get in their cars and drive after wolfing down a big Mac and they are Zombies. People are in food comas everywhere!! Ok, done ranting..



    Hedonist, I think you and I see the same dentist. Love him — not cuz of the prescriptions though — he’s actually a great dentist.



    “You can’t overdose on weed”… I’m not sure what this means.

    You cannot take enough of it that you poison yourself and die? Or you can’t smoke enough of it that you’re impaired to the point that you cannot drive or talk straight?



    25 foot rule, 25 foot rule!!!!

    oh wait, does that only apply to those of us who enjoy an “oh you’re going to hell, you lit up a camel light folk”

    where does the indoor air quality act fall with these folks (ie employees of said establishment) by the way, and although the snark is brewing, I’m truly curious why if I get a medical marijuana card, I gots me a hall pass now…….



    I’m going to say it one more time. There are NO marijuana CARDS in the state of Washington. If someone says they have a “card”, they are lying. We go to the dispensaries to purchase, not to imbibe. It’s private use in my home…just like your beer, Todd. But mine is to alleviate some of the symptoms of Stage 5 kidney disease. I don’t smoke, by the way. I’m not allowed to, since I am in testing for a transplant. But there are edibles, like brownies, fudge, cookies, and much more. And, by the way, they deliver….I don’t have to go to them. But I have to prove that it’s been “prescribed” by my physician. I’m 64, a mom, massage therapist. I do things that everyday people do. I hope to be a grandma in the next year to year and a half. Many people know me in these forums. I’m not a pothead, I don’t walk around stoned all day long. Todd, I’m thinking you have a very skewed view of who goes to dispensaries. Just like people who abuse oxycontin (think fine, upstanding Rush L. – gag), there are abusers of this drug, too…but it’s not an opium den, for g-d’s sake!



    Jan S, I lurk mostly. Todd has a point. I want you to feel better, I’m sorry you’re hurting. Wouldn’t it just be so much easier, so much clearer, if you went to go to bartell’s to get the kidney meds and the pain meds? all in one? don’t get me wrong….i 100% believe it should be legal and easy. and for those in need. Personally, I don’t think a single iniative is “for you”. I think it’s just a stepping stone for the goverment to get their head out of their ass on the legalization of a stupid plant.


    I love how everyone thinks they can read my mind and how I think everyone is a hippy dope dealer pot head.


    I am trying to say really, I am a NIMBY. AGAIN, yes, if it helps you, you should be able to get it, do what you want with it, feel better.

    But for gods sake, really a pot lounge? In a neighborhood that has a SEVERE drug and alcohol problem? W.C. is 5 blocks from my house. It has gotten so bad over the last few weeks, we stopped going to Full Tilt, we stopped going to Proletariat. I will go complain to the business owners next, so they can put pressure on W.C. or King Co.

    Anyone can with enough effort get a “prescription” for weed.

    I have a fear of my neighborhood going to shit, can I get one for my anxiety ?

    Seems all fine and good as long as it’s down here. Let’s see them open a lounge up in Gatewood or in Admiral Dist.



    I know there are legitimate medical uses and users of cannabis and I think it’s great that there is a legitimate way for those folks to get a quality product that can help them.

    However, if you’ve picked up a copy of The Stranger or The Seattle Weekly lately you might get a somewhat different impression of the dispensaries and who their target demographic is. I don’t think those ads featuring strippers photo-shopped into nurses uniforms are aimed at you Jan, or for that matter, anyone seeking relief of a medical nature.

    Also, there seems to be no shortage of clinics in the city where you can get a prescription for one kind of medical condition or another. There’s a very long list of symptoms that can be treated with cannabis, and, I believe, an almost equally long line of stoners lining up to get a diagnosis.

    This is how it’s done in the 21st century. Medical Marijuana is a thriving business looking for more customers.



    It’s not a lounge. It’s a go there, you purchase, you leave. You don’t sit around and get stoned with all of creation. It’s not a big party, for goodness sake. It’s just like picking up a prescription. You don’t stay at your pharmacy with a bunch of people getting high (lol) on prescription drugs, vicodin, prednisone, whatever. You purchase, you leave, you go home. It’s medicine for goodness sake…at least it is to us! I would welcome a dispensary in my ‘hood. I don’t have a car, have to rely on friends to get me there when I do need to purchase.

    If you have a problem with people getting prescriptions when they shouldn’t be, it’s not the fault of the dispensary. It’s the fault of unscrupulous , money hungry docs. Report them.



    ok, Todd…I’ll give you that…I stand corrected. I was not aware that it would be more than a dispensary. I know I won’t be frequenting their establishment. I don’t need to sit around with like persons while I’m having a bite of brownie. I would prefer the more reasonable plain ol’ dispensary. I’m sure that an eye will be kept on this place and if there’s anything untoward, it will get shut down. Is the sheriff’s office still down the street? If so, I bet they’ll be watching, for sure.



    chrisma…and if you look in the stranger and the weekly, there are ads for the not legit kinds of massage, too. I wish they wouldn’t publish them, as it gives some people the wrong idea about what I do. I would never advertise like that. But it attracts a certain type. Maybe some pressure could be put on the newspapers to not take this kind of ad, have a bit of integrity. But we both know that the almighty dollar takes precedence over what is right.



    Afraid of dope smokers? wheee! i go to prol and FT once a week with my 2 kids. Never feel threatened in the least bit. Don’t see how a pot lounge is going to make the vibe of that street any worse. more mellow if anything.



    Hey all –

    Thought I’d pop in on this one briefly.

    Todd – if you, or anybody for that matter, are witnessing crimes on the streets of White Center, I will assume you are getting on your cell and calling KCSO. And remembering while you do that there are usually only three on-duty deputies in all of North Highline – to serve about 20,000 people. Budget cutbacks took ’em.

    If you, or ANYBODY, sees ANYTHING, call the phone number. The KCSO Storefront is not always manned and if you do go in, they will likely ask if you have called the report in already. The storefront is not intended as a place to report crime. And while you are being a good citizen and calling the KCSO to report something, and that absolutely includes suspicious activity, go knock on the doors of the nearby businesses and bug them to call in the same thing. If businesses don’t call in anything, the cops do NOT have the data for effective coverage, even with the scant number of deputies. Everybody and their brother needs to call everything in. Dispensaries or no dispensaries.

    The Green Piece lounge is NOT the standard dispensary model. There is only one other *known* existing medical marijuana lounge in the entire country and it is located in Portland, OR – the Cannabis Cafe. Many unique issues with this model arise. For instance, do DUI laws affect the “patients/clients” who emerge? Yup.

    This is a strange interim in the process of the legislation and the rampant growth of the dispensaries is all over the entire state, not just here. But White Center is definitely the only “lounge” model anybody I’ve talked to knows about. And, most of the people who should know, haven’t heard about it because it hasn’t opened up yet. That’s scheduled for May 1, as is the other “store” style Herbal Legends a half-block north.

    I’ve been told by Cannabis activists/lawyers that something is probably going to be announced on Friday out of Gregoire’s office. Perhaps a veto, perhaps not. Even the Cannabis advocates who are directly talking to Gregoire are barely clear on what the heck is going on in Olympia with proposed alternative legislation for the special session. So hopefully everybody can sit tight till then so we can begin to know the what and the why and how. And, remember, you can always contact your legislators, right?

    And JanS, hoping you’re on your way to a successful surgery and feeling better very, very soon.



    Her office has announced she will take action on SB 5073 today – this was the top of the news release we received shortly after 6 pm:

    OLYMPIA – Gov. Chris Gregoire on Friday, April 29, will take action on several bills.

    2:30 p.m. Gov. Gregoire takes bill action

    Governor’s Conference Room

    Legislative Building – 2nd Floor


    She will take action on the following bills:

    * Engrossed Second Substitute Senate Bill No. 5073, relating to the medical use of cannabis.

    o After taking action on this bill, Governor Gregoire will be accepting questions from the media for a short period of time before continuing bill action.


    All the legal types I’ve spoken with while working on related stories, including Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, have said they were all but yearning for state action so they would know how to proceed with the exploding medical-marijuana industry. By most accounts, they will be disappointed, and then they will have to decide how they will proceed in their own jurisdictions – enforce the law (under which, these facilities are illegal, even if medical marijuana itself is not), or let it go on unregulated.

    There also was some talk a different bill might be crafted during the special session that’s now under way. This bill’s sponsor is quoted in this Times story this morning

    as saying she’s working on one. (The story also mentions 3 federal raids in Spokane.)

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