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    Ms. Sparkles

    We got the BBQ chicken (Cookout?) and two minis (1 cheese, 1 pepporoni) for the kids, the best freaken’ salad I’ve ever eaten (Pear w/ Walnuts) and a bottle of wine.

    The pizza and wine were both really good, but the salad! Oh My! I was having a salad orgasim…was really that excellent!



    good to know :)



    Another rave for Zaw’s! We had the Pumpkin Seasonal Special pizza and the Hunter/Gatherer pizza last night during the Seahawks game, and they were both sensational! Delicious (they even gave us fresh arugula and lemon to put on top of pizza after baking), great price, and I love that you bake it at home when you are ready to eat. They have a choice of 3 crusts (and a non-gluten option, if I remember fight). Loved it and will be going back soon!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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