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    A big thank you to WSB sponsor Wyatt’s Jewelers in Westwood for replacing my watch battery while I waited.

    They do something unique in that there is no set price for getting a watch battery replaced. Instead, there is a very reasonable suggested donation amount, part of which (I assume) covers the cost of the battery and the remainder is donated to a charity!

    Suggested donation is $8 to $10. For all I know, they may be donating the batteries as well as their labor.

    Just one more reason to shop locally right here in West Seattle!




    I love Wyatt’s! Did you meet Goose?



    I love Wyatt’s too! I bought a charm for my mom a couple years ago and got so much personal attention. It was amazing! I’m not a big jewelry purchaser, so don’t think of them often. Last year needed a watch battery replaced and made the trek to Fred Meyer, not even thinking about Wyatt’s. Dang. Thanks for the reminder Kevin! Next time I’ll stay close to home!



    I posted the same rave last spring. Very happy with Wyatt’s!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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