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    My dog escaped the yard today. He is only about a year old and not traffic savvy. I drove around but could not find him. He finally banged at the back door and came in bloodied up. Two separate people in two cars had followed him home from about 5 blocks away where he got hit on 35th. They were able to give me the rundown on what had happened and had been trying to get him into their cars to get him some help! Thank you so much! I said thanks at the time but I had to hustle him to the emergency vet and can only hope you chance across these words. Apparently others were trying to catch him too when he got hit. Thanks to you too.

    Petey is convalescing at the vet’s tonight. He appears to be ok but possibly bleeding in his lung.

    I Heart WS!



    kudos to those who helped…hope your pup is OK…love this community !



    i saw this effort on the way home yesterday… and several different groups of people were involved.

    it didnt’ look at though he had been hit yet when i saw him giving them a merry chase…

    a good reminder that when you drive on urban streets, kids, dogs and the elderly are likely to do the unexpected.

    it’s our job as drivers to watch out for them.. not to speed around anyone we think is slowing traffic down… like i saw several cars do around those who slowed or stopped to help this dog.

    kudos to those who stopped to help him.

    i hope he heals quickly.



    Thanks for the kind words. And the reminder re: good traffic hygiene JoB!

    Petey is home and glad to be here. His right rear paw go “de-gloved” <shiver> on one of the pads. But his breathing is ok and he’s just got some convalescing to do.

    Many thanks again to all the kind-hearted souls who helped. The world is a better place for your efforts.



    I’m pretty sure one of my friends (Shawn) was someone who came to your door. He drives a silver Toyota. I’m sure he will be glad to hear that Petey is going to be ok. Same goes for me too. I would hope that people would be kind enough to help out my dogs if they were ever in the kind of situation that Petey was in.



    I’m glad Petey is okay. Hopefully his desire to see the big wide world without parental supervision has been dashed! :-)



    glad to hear there was a happy-ish ending.

    hopefully he recovers fully and is in good spirits.

    we happened upon the scene, wondering why there was a guy in a jeep, stopped, with his door opened in the middle of the road. when traffic moved again, we were in a little group of cars going 15-20 mph when we saw the dog sprinting down the sidewalk and into a yard.

    we looped back around to try to find the guy in the jeep but didn’t see him.



    i am glad he is home..

    and glad we have so many wonderful neighbors

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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