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    Friday afternoon I was searching for light bulb grease. It is a special thin grease that is applied to the base a light bulb to keep the bulb from getting stuck in the socket.

    Neither Lowes or Home Depot carry it. On my way home I decided to stop in at Junction True Value with just minutes to spare before closing.

    Once I assured them it was not a joke, they quickly responded by helping look on all the shelves, checking their computer inventory, and then someone even took a moment to call the manager who had already left for the day.

    Sure enough, they carry it. He told them exactly what the package looks like and where to find it in the store. Minutes later, with purchase in hand, I thanked them all for such great customer service.

    I really appreciated them going the extra mile at closing time, where they could have just shrugged their shoulders and said “sorry.”



    wow..never knew that existed..light bulb grease, huh. Thanks for the info, Kevin…and thanks for the rave about a local business :)



    I love that store. And I love that you’ve let me know that a product exists that I desprately need – LOL! We’ve got this outdoor fixture that, when it needs to be changed, it’s a struggle to figure out how much pressure you can use without it breaking in your hand. Do you remember where exactly in the store it was so I can go find it now? :)



    Sue, it comes in a little red and white tube, shrink wrapped on a red card board backing. They were located on a vertical pole supporting the shelves in the light bulb area, half way down the aisle I recall.

    Personally I would have a little fun and ask for “help” in locating the light bulb grease.

    The product is made by a company called “GB” and is called “Ox Gard” with a part number of OX-100.

    It does not take much, just squirt a little dab on the tip of your finger and then rotate the bulb in one hand while making sure you coat the thread of the bulb. Just a thin layer, it does not take a lot. Do not coat the entire base of the bulb – just the screw thread.



    Learn something new every day. Light bulb grease. What a great product!

    I also love that store, as well as McClendon’s. The latter is usually my first stop, as they have everything one could ever want, and usually half the price of anywhere else. Like True Value, the customer service is fantastic.

    It’s nice that we have a GREAT hardware store on each end of town. I appreciate having multiple options.



    Thanks, Kevin! I appreciate all the details!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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